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Lecture and Seminar Programme

Lectures are held weekly on Mondays, 10-11am (L5, Chemistry). Seminars are held weekly and details of your seminar group, time, and location can be found on Tabula.






Term 1 1

No lecture or seminar


Chronology and Themes Slides

Writing African History

Slavery and Slaving in Africa Slides

Wealth in Women

State, Society and Trade in C19th East Africa Slides

Authority and Identity in East Africa

Jihad in the West African Savannah Slides

Revolutions in West Africa
6 Reading week
7 Social and Political Change in C19th Southern Africa Slides
The Mfecane Debate
8 From Slavery to ‘Legitimate Commerce’ in West Africa Slides Palm Oil and Peanuts
9 The 'Scramble' for Africa Slides Resisting Colonialism

The Colonial State and Ethnicity Slides

The 'Invention' of Ethnicity

Christmas Vacation
Term 2 1 Colonialism and the 'Civilising Mission' Slides Christian Missions
2 Peasants or Proletarians? 1890s-1940s Slides City Life

The New Colonialism, 1945-1960 Slides

Gender and Colonialism

4 The Rise of African Nationalism, 1940s-1960s Slides Nationalism and Liberation

South Africa, 1890-1960 Slides

Afrikanerdom and Segregation

6 Reading week
7 Politics and Parties after Independence, 1957-1975 Slides
African Socialism
8 Soldiers and the State, 1960-1980 Slides Military Coups

The ANC and the End of Apartheid, 1960-1994 Slides

The Rise and Fall of Apartheid
10 From Debt to Democratization, 1980-2000 Slides Democratization
Easter Vacation
Term 3 1 No lecture No seminar
2 Rwanda and the Great Congo War, 1994-2004 Slides The Rwandan Genocide
3 No lecture No seminar
4 Africa Since 1994 Slides Africa and the World Since 1994