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Calvinism and the Reformed Churches

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Discussion topics

· How completely did Calvin dominate religious and political life in Geneva?
· Why was Calvinism the most successful brand of 'Reformed' Protestantism in later sixteenth century Europe?
· Did Anabaptism present a serious threat to established authority in the sixteenth century?


**NOTE: Some eresources are accessible only on-campus or via off-campus proxies or the athens service**





·Dutch Iconoclasm in 's Hertogenbosch
·John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536-59), trans. John Allen [extract 'on civil government and resistence']
·The 'Schleitheim Articles' of the Swiss Anabaptists (1527)
·Theodore BezaSupralapsarianism: The Fall of Man Was Both Necessary and Wonderful
·The Heidelberg Catechism, 1542 Part I - On the Misery of Man
·Beza, Must Magistrates Always Be Obeyed As Unconditionally As God?
·Radio 4, 'In Our Time' discussion on the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre [information and link to audio recording]
·Iconoclasm in East Anglia in the 1640s: William Dowsing's Journal

·BERCKHEYDE, Job Adriaensz Interior of the St Bavo Church at Haarlem 1560
·HOGENBERG, FranzThe Calvinist Iconoclastic Riot of August 20, 1566 1588
·The massacre of St Bartholomew's Day in Paris, 1572

Audio Links

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Psalm Tunes (9) for Archbishop Parker's Psalter, for 4 voices Composed by Thomas Tallis

Psaume 13: Jusques as quand as establi Claude Goudimel
Psaume 128: Bienheureux est quiconque Claude Goudimel

ETexts - Online Reading available at Warwick

·Cohn, H.J., 'The Radical Reformation' (Customization of TLTP Tutorial, 1999)
·Murdock, G., 'The importance of being Josiah: an image of Calvinist identity', SCJ 29 (1998)
·Naphy, W., 'Baptisms, church riots and social unrest in Calvin's Geneva', SCJ 26 (1995)
·Pettegree, A. (ed.), The Reformation world New York: Routledge, 2000
·Dillenberger, J. Images and relics: theological perceptions and visual images in sixteenth-century New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.
·Roelker, N.L., One king, one faith: the Parlement of Paris and the religious reformations of the sixteenth century Berkeley :University of California Press,c1996
·Weaver, J.D., Becoming Anabaptist: the origin and significance of sixteenth-century Anabaptist Scottdale, Pa. : Herald Press, 1987

Baker, D.W. Divulging Utopia: radical humanism in sixteenth-century England Amherst :University of Massachusetts Press,c1999
P. Benedict, Christ's Churches Purely Reformed: A Social History of Calvinism (2002)
F. Clark, Calvin and other Reformers (1972)
B. Cottret, Calvin: a Biography (2000)
B. Gordon, The Swiss Reformation (2002)
H. Höpfl, The Christian Polity of John Calvin (1982)
A. E. McGrath, A Life of John Calvin (1990)
B. Hall, Calvin (1956)
R. P. Hsia, Social Discipline in the Reformation 1550-1750 (1989)
A. McGrath, 'John Calvin and late medieval thought', ARG 77 (1986)
E. W. Monter, Calvin's Geneva (1967)
G. Murdock, Calvinism on the Frontier 1600-60: … The Reformed Church in Hungary and Transylvania (2000)
" , Beyond Calvin: The Intellectual, Political and Cultural World of Europe's Reformed Churches (2004)
T. Parker, John Calvin (1975)
A. Pettegree et al. (eds), Calvinism in Europe, 1540-1620 (1994)
Plasger, G., 'History of the Reformed Church'
M. Prestwich (ed.), International Calvinism, 1541-1714 (1985)
H. Schilling, Civic Calvinism in Northwestern Germany and the Netherlands (1991)
M. Todd, The Culture of Protestantism in Early Modern Scotland (2002)

The Anabaptists

H. J. Goertz, The Anabaptists (1996)
J. Roth and J. Stayer (eds), A Companion to Anabaptism and Spiritualism (2007)
T. Scott, Thomas Müntzer, Theology and Revolution (1989)
C. Snyder, Anabaptist History and Theology (1995)
Waite, G.K. (ed), The Anabaptist writings of David Joris, 1535-1543 Waterloo, Ont.: Herald Press,c1994

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