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Germany in the Age of the Reformation (HI242)

Year II Option


Barthel Beham, 'Christ in the Sheep Shed' (1524)

The Reformation triggered the single most significant set of transformations in early modern Europe.
Religion and confessional allegiance shaped the social, economic and political culture of the Continent
for centuries to come. The protagonist of the German Reformation, Martin Luther, is universally
recognised as one of the outstanding historical figures of all times.

This module asks why.



Teaching team

Professor Beat Kümin
Maria Tauber, M.A.


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'The seminar tutor was incredibly engaging' & showed 'unrivalled enthusiasm'; 'Never before in any seminar has a tutor brought in and analysed so many [sources]. It was great'; 'Feedback & support for the essays was excellent'; 'The quality of the seminars and their delivery ... were the best I have experienced at university'; 'Would thoroughly recommend the module to any student'; 'I love it!' (Excerpts from student feedback)