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Reformation Writing Workshops - Trends, Resources, Issues

This workshop aims to raise awareness of the wide range of (electronic) Reformation resources, particularly with a view to the writing of long essays.

Recommended reading on the state of research:

- Scott Dixon, Contesting the Reformation (2012) [survey of major debates]

- T. Scott, 'The Reformation between Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Reflections on Recent Writing on the German Reformation', in: German History 26 (3/2008), 406-22 [insights into some of the recent trends]

The session is divided into three parts:

  1. Group work on one of the topics listed below (25 minutes)
  2. Presentation of results (Powerpoint Template; 10 minutes)
  3. Plenary discussion and evaluation of the session (10 mins)

Group work topics:

A. German History in Documents & Images 
B. Module materials accessible under general 'resources'
C. Resources on our seminar web pages
D. Materials produced by a general web search
E. Draft your ideal 'German Reformation' online platform

NB: there are many other resources, e.g. our Library's 'History' support page, the TLTP tutorial 'The Protestant Reformation' (although access to the latter's supporting materials is currently blocked) or the companion sites of relevant university courses / survey publications (like The European World).

Each group should engage with issues like:

  • Range (e.g. genres) and media (written, material, visual) of resource(s)
  • Strenghts and weaknesses of particular materials/sites
  • Potential to enhance essays [see e.g. our Style Guide in UG HB, Appendix 2; tutorial on how to reference / avoid plagiarism ...]

NB: Time is limited, so groups may want to assign tasks (researching certain aspects, note-taking, speakers ...) and set priorities.
Prepare a 2-minute presentation of your main conclusions.

Evaluation of workshop conclusions and format.

The resulting powerpoint presentations will be posted on the FORUM. Feel free to comment and add further materials.










Teaching Grid Workshop
on 2 February 2010