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Lecture Outlines

Click on the links for lecture PowerPoint slides. These will be available the day before the lectures.

Part I: Heteronormativity and the US military

1) Why and how gender, sex and sexuality matter in the US military

2) The US military and commercial sex

3) Domestication: a 'family friendly' army?

Part II: Gender, sex and soldiering

4) Masculinity and femininity at war in Vietnam

5) Recruitment in the All-Volunteer era

6) Reading Week [no lecture]

7) Women in combat

Part III: Managing sexuality in the US military

8) Queering the military

9) Sexual violence: an invisible war?

10) Transgender service: the final frontier?

Seminar Topics

Click on the links for full details of seminar topics, discussion questions, required & supplementary readings. Please note that all the scholarly journal articles can be downloaded from the library's online databases. To search for them, use the Library "article search" function with a combination of the author's surname and keyword(s) from the article's title. Alternatively, if you're having trouble, you can use the classic catalogue and search for the title of the journal. If you encounter any problems locating any of the readings, drop me a line.

1) Defining the terms of engagement

2) Prostitution, rape and resistance to US militarism in Asia

3) Married in and to the military: 'war brides' and 'army wives'

4) Women's work in Vietnam

5) Assignment writing workshop

6) Reading Week [no seminar]

7) The fight over fighting women in Iraq and Afghanistan

8) DADT and its repeal

9) Rape and sexual violence within the US military

10) Conclusion: an all-inclusive army?