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Extracurricular and Engagement Opportunities

There are many seminars, workshops and talks that Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can attend. Keep up to date by downloading the Department Calendar, checking out the Student Community Page on Teams or by following the Department on Facebook.

Engagement Opportunities, 2021-2022

Now and Then

Despite what some may believe, history is not just about what has happened in the past. In this series, you will hear from historians in the Department of History, including PhD students, research fellows and staff, about their research and how their work speaks to a range of contemporary issues, concerns, and debates.

This is a relaxed gathering and we encourage all students to join in the discussion!

Seminar Schedule for 21/22

You can find some reports and summaries on past events here.

All discussions will take place in the History Common Room on Teams.

Things that Talk

Far too often, history is written based on a narrow selection of texts. The texts that remain often shape the kinds of histories that can be written, and far too often, those histories exclude people. But what if we could change that? What if we could find new sources to write different kinds of histories? What if you could use one or more objects that you have, or that you know about, to write about your world, or the world you know about? What if objects could talk? What stories would your objects tell?

This project seeks to make all of us co-producers of history by writing about objects that are meaningful to us. We are looking for students who are interested in being not only consumers of history, but its producers.

We begin with a series of introductory sessions. In each of these, there will be a brief intro on how ‘things’ can be sources for historians, followed by a 5 minute intro from a historian working in very different ways with objects, and the opportunity for you to bring your own object, and ask questions about if how your object might be a source for producing history.

For more information, please visit the Things That Talk page. The sessions are open to all, and will take place in the History Common Room on Teams.

History Walks

History is not just found in text, in films or online. Explore a variety of walks around the University of Warwick and the local towns and cities and learn about the histories that surround us.

For more information, visit the History Walks page.

History Quiz

The Student Engagement Team are running a series of History Quiz nights and other fun history-related events.

For more information, visit the History Quiz Events page.

Black History Month, October

You might be interested in the write up of this Now and Then seminar about colonialism and commemoration.

One of our undergraduate researchers has been reflecting on decolonising the curriculum.

Climate Learning Week

Find out what's happening at Warwick around sustainability in time for Climate Learning Week.

LGBT+ History Month, February

Look out for the Now and Then seminar and a great presentation about a URSS Summer Research Project here.

International Women's Day, 8 March

You can see the research and achievements of some women involved in undergraduate research in the department here.

You might be interested in the History of Coventry Women's Suffrage Walk developed by Sarah Richardson.

History Society

As one of the biggest and most active societies on campus, HistSoc is an amazing way for you to make the most of your time here at Warwick. We are proud to offer our members a range of not just academic, but social and careers-based events and activities that will enable you to meet fellow historians as well as other students who have realised how valuable it is to be a member of our society!

Be sure to stay up to date with all things HistSoc through our social media networks. Please check out our Facebook page, as well as our Instagram and Twitter, for more information!

HistSoc love to you freshers, and also to anyone's never too late to join!

For more information and to join, visit HistSoc homepage!