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History Department Committees and Working Groups

The Department of History is recruiting second and final year undergraduate and postgraduate taught History students interested in participating in departmental committees and working groups for the 2020-2021 year.

We are recruiting students for the following department committees:

  • Equality and Diversity Working Group: 2 undergraduate student
  • Student Experience Working Group: 1 undergraduate student; 1 postgraduate taught student
  • Department Research Committee: 1 undergraduate student

The role will require:

Participation in working group meetings with other members of the department

Consultations with other students to gather 'student voice' on various related issues

Providing insight on student perspectives

Expected time commitment will be no more than 10 hours throughout the academic year. Student representatives will serve on the committee or working group for one full academic year.


  • Recognition of your contributions on your HEAR Transcripts
  • Opportunity to influence student experience or EDI matters in the department
  • Propose ideas on how to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion matters; student experience; or matters related to undergraduate research in the department
  • Insight on how decisions are made and how the department functions
  • Experience working as part of the department management


  • interest and passion on matters related to student experience, equality, diversity, and inclusion, or research
  • time to fully participate in all working group or committee meetings
  • professionalism in handling sensitive matters
  • Those applying for Research committee should also have some experience with UG research opportunities, for example a recipient of the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme or presented at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research

Interested students should complete the form below. Students will be shortlisted based on answers to questions and experience. Interviews will be conducted, if deemed necessary to filling posts.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 16 October 2020, 4pm

Applications have now closed and we no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.