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Welcome to the 'Useful Links' area for Modern Foreign Language Teachers. This area began as a result of an Excellence Fellowship in Languages at the University of Warwick in 2006. A copy of the report on how to inspire language learning in schools is available to download here. Since then we have continued to add links and suggestions to the site and are always happy to receive more.

One of the aims of the Fellowship was to build links between the University's Language Department and local schools. In an effort to build a lasting partnership, an area was created on the University's website especially for Modern Foreign Language Teachers. The area contains a comprehensive list of language websites, each with a short description of their content and usefulness.

It is intended that this area of the website will continue to be updated to ensure that it remains relevant and useful to all who use it. If you have any comments about this area of the website or would like to recommend a link to be added please contact Dr Katherine Astbury by email at:


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Resources for Key Stage 3

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