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Dr Maria Pavlova

Dr Maria PavlovaResearch Fellow

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 22404
Email: Maria dot Pavlova at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: 4.46 Humanities Building

Postal address: School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Humanities Building, University Road, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL


I joined the University of Warwick in October 2018 as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, to work on a research project entitled ‘The Renaissance Knight: War, Nobility and Virtue from Pulci to Ariosto, 1461-1532’. Before that, I was a Joanna Randall MacIver Junior Research Fellow at St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford (October 2016- September 2018). My doctoral thesis (2015, Oxford) investigates the portrayal of the non-Christian Other in Boiardo, Ariosto and fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century chivalric literature.

Research interests

Focusing on the period between 1461 and 1532, my Leverhulme research project attempts to reconstruct the moral values of the Italian nobility by bringing together a wide range of visual and textual sources, including a neglected body of chivalric texts. It aims to shed new light on the overlapping and often contradictory moral codes of the Italian upper classes by exploring early modern views on issues such as honour, duty, loyalty, religion, and violence.

Teaching and supervision

IT301 (Writing)

Italian Palaeography for CSR graduate students (co-teach with Dr Marta Celati)

Administrative roles

(together with Dr Federica Coluzzi) convenor of Italian Studies Research Seminars



Saracens and their World in Boiardo and Ariosto (Cambridge: Legenda, 2020).

Dreaming again on things already dreamed’. 500 years of Orlando furioso (1516-2016), ed. by M. Dorigatti and M. Pavlova (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019)

Articles and book chapters

‘La Vendetta di Falconetto e l’Orlando furioso’, AOQU. Achilles Orlando Quixote Ulysses, 1 (2020), 135-177

Orlando Furioso: the Saracen Prospective’, in Ariosto and the Arabs, ed. by M. Casari, M. Preti and M. Wyatt (Harvard University Press, Villa I Tatti Series), forthcoming

‘“Sweetest Ariosto!”. Ariosto in Russia (1730-1820)’, in The ‘Orlando Furioso’ from Print to Digital: Five Centuries of Reading Ariosto, ed. by A. Ricci (Toronto: University of Toronto Press), forthcoming.

‘La concezione di cavalleria nei continuatori di Boiardo. Niccolò degli Agostini, Raffaele Valcieco e Ludovico Ariosto’, in Di donne e cavallier. Intorno al primo Furioso, ed. by C. Zampese (Milan: Ledizioni, 2018), pp. 197-227.

‘Nicolò degli Agostini and Ludovico Ariosto’, in Dreaming again on things already dreamed’. 500 Years of Orlando Furioso (1516-2016), ed. by M. Dorigatti and M. Pavlova (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019), pp. 79-108.

‘Matteo Maria Boiardo’, in Charlemagne in Italy, ed. by J. Everson and C. Boscolo (Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures), forthcoming.

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‘The portrayal of Muslim and Muslim-Christian relations in late medieval and Renaissance chivalric literature’, CMCS Research Briefings, 4, 2015, 5-6.


Translator (Italian to English), Martin Kemp and Giuseppe Pallanti, Mona Lisa. The People and the Painting (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017) [translated G. Pallanti’s chapters, poems and archival documents].


Rev. of Valentina Denzel, Les mille et un visages de la virago: Marphise et Bradamante, entre continuation et variation (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2016), The Modern Language Review, 113, n.1 (2018), 253-255.

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Exhibition Catalogues

The World of Ariosto. Bibliographic exhibition to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Ludovico Ariosto’s ‘Orlando furioso’ (hosted by the Weston Library and the Taylor Institution), Oxford, 2016

Office Hours

By appointment


Undergraduate modules

IT301 (Writing)