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PhD students

Please find below details of the doctoral students currently pursuing our PhD in Translation and Transcultural Studies:

Raghad Melfi

A Reception Study of Gender Representation in Saudi Feminist Films

Shaoyu Yang

Translating Traumatic Memory of Twentieth-Century China: Diasporic Literature of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre and Translation

Translation & Transcultural Studies

Zhen Yang

Refugee Narratives: World University Service's Ethiopian and Eritrean Scholarship Programmes in the Light of Current Practice

Translation & Transcultural Studies

Xinyao Zhang

Chinese Feminist Translations of A Room of One's Own across a Century

Translation & Transcultural Studies

Yuqing Zhang

The Reconstruction of Suspense in Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Translations of Sherlock Holmes Stories

Translation & Transcultural Studies

Di Zhao

Double Plight: Viewing Chinese Dialect Literature and Translation from a postcolonial Perspective

Translation & Transcultural Studies