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PhD students

Please find below details of the doctoral students currently pursuing our PhD in Translation and Transcultural Studies:

Daniel Cabeza-Campillo

Brexit in translation: Narratives of conflict in British and Spanish online media (2016-2022)

Raghad Melfi

A Reception Study of Gender Representation in Saudi Feminist Films

Ambra Minoli

The literary and transcultural representations of Shanghai during the Republican period, as reflected in the works of Chinese and French authors

Laura Woolley-Núñez

Recovering Anti-Francoist Women’s Voices: A Feminist Translation of María Teresa León’s Memoria de la melancolía

Yaqi Xi

The translator’s voice embodied: translating the New Northeast Chinese Writers Group from text to audio

Shaoyu Yang

Translating Traumatic Memory of Twentieth-Century China: Diasporic Literature of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre and Translation

Zhen Yang

Refugee Narratives: World University Service's Ethiopian and Eritrean Scholarship Programmes in the Light of Current Practice

Xinyao Zhang

Chinese Feminist Translations of A Room of One's Own across a Century

Yuqing Zhang

The Reconstruction of Suspense in Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Translations of Sherlock Holmes Stories

Di Zhao

Double Plight: Viewing Chinese Dialect Literature and Translation from a postcolonial Perspective

For completed PhD theses in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, go to WRAPLink opens in a new window (Warwick Research Archive Portal), where you can find many theses on open access.