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FR245 Module Programme


This plan should serve as an outline only. There is a detailed plan of each week’s activities which can be accessed by clicking on the links on the right-hand side of the page.


  1st hour 2nd hour
1 Discussion: self and family in early modern period Perrault: discussion of verse tales and preface
2 Perrault: discussion of prose tales  Perrault and his contemporaries: discussion of prose tales
  3 Discussion of LB’s Récit véritable and prefaces 
Discussion of LB’s Récit véritable and prefaces
4 Discussion of LB's Instruction à ma fille Library Workshop: performing effective searches; bibliography building.
5 Explorations of Rodogune and  Regency: general discussion   Explorations of Rodogune and regency
7 Explorations of Athalie Discussion: , Athalie, Aristocracy and Blood
8 Comparison: Athalie and Rodogune Comparison: Athalie and Rodogune
9 Mme de Sévigné: history and context; women and the salon environment; the mother-daughter relationship Work on Sévigné’s letters and thoughts about early modern feminism.
10 Summing up: a workshop  Preparations for essay writing


family way symposium

Our module will end with a mini-conference in which you will draw your ideas together around a short presentation.

Go to Symposium for more details.

To access the tasks and materials for each week's activities, please click on the relevant links below: