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Week 2: Perrault

Perrault: Histoires ou contes du temps passé

    Close analysis of your tales

    As you prepare your tales, consider the following points for discussion:

    • What is specific about Perrault's version of these tales? Do they differ from those you know? What do you make of this?
    • Visions of mothers and motherhood in the tales
    • Depictions of father and father figures
    • The figure of the child
    • The didactic value of the tales: the moralités. What message(s) do they convey?
    • Use of the merveilleux
    • A text for adults or children (look out for uses of irony, burlesque, inuendo, etc...)

    Support your discussion with reference to AT LEAST ONE critical source. A very useful point of introduction to the collection comes in the form of Christopher Bett's Introduction in: Charles Perrault, translated with an introduction and notes by Christopher Betts. The complete fairy tales .Oxford [England] ; New York: Oxford University Press, pp.ix-xiviii, which can be accessed from the Family Way extracts page here


    Wider analysis

    Think again about the space of the salon:

    • What kind of values does the salon promote?


      A reminder to add new terms you come across to the glossary here.