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Week 4 Activities: Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois : Instruction à ma fille

  • Read the Instruction (extract provided in class)
  • Listen to the the podcast lecture (number 2) and follow the powerpoint slides (click here to access these)
Instruction: analysis

Please remember to bring your copy of the text to the seminar.

Individually and in your groups prepare to discuss the following questions. Be prepared to make close reference to the text in your answers (so note down page numbers and examples):

  • Who is LB writing for?
  • How does LB position herself in relation to other female practitioners?
  • How does LB position herself in relation to other male practitioners?
  • What skills and values does LB particularly promote?
  • How does LB view the role of the mother and of families in the process of procreation and birth? What tensions does she perceive?
  • What kind of writing strategies does LB use in her text to stress (a) her expertises; (b) her values; (c) her criticisms?

Each group should choose 2 terms of interest that emerge from the text and add them to the glossary. These may be terms that you have brainstormed in your groups for the workshop above.


Each group should source 2 items (book, web, journal articles; book chapters; books) that you believe will enhance your understanding of the text and the issues it raises. Add them to the bibliography.

  • All references should be complete according to MHRA referencing conventions set out here.
  • Provide a brief summary of each item