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Ronsard's Discours

  • Download the seminar worksheet here (Word Document).
  • Look at the originals:
    • See especially the section on "the Ronsard polemic" in The Renaissance in Print: Sixteenth-Century Books in the Douglas Gordon Collection, at the University of Virginia
    • For a free contemporary (and prohibited) translation of the Discours of 1562, see Thomas Jeney's A discours of the present troobles in Fraunce, and miseries of this tyme, printed at Antwerp, 1568. Go to the "Historical Texts" database, available through Warwick University Library's website.
  • See also the links on the general "Further Reading" page.
  • For more in-depth work and further references, see amongst others:

(Don't forget to undertake your own bibliographical searches!).

Portrait of Ronsard (c) Gallica []