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Other Languages

Study abroad opportunities

for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Links are currently being developed for a semester abroad in Amman, Jordan. We expect this partnership to be confirmed in early 2021, once the British-Jordanian Academy is established. In the meantime, see summer school opportunities, below.

Chinese (Mandarin)

See also summer school opportunities, below.


Waseda University (Tokyo) 

Doshisha University 

Kyoto University

There are also possibilities of using the university-wide agreements with University of Tokyo, Nagoya University (NUPACE), Hokkaido University (HUSTEP) and Keio University:

University of Tokyo

Nagoya University (NUPACE)

Hokkaido University (HUSTEP)

Keio Univeristy


University of St. Petersburg

Summer schools

For two-language students who prefer to spend a full academic year in the country of their first language, or three-language students who only have the summer in which to spend time in the country of their third language, links have been established as follows, where we can recommend the summer school:


The International House – Cairo is a good institute if you are thinking to enhance your Arabic skills over the summer. Our tutors made a field visit to the institute in August 2015 and met with the management, tutors, and interviewed students of different levels. They attended classes and assessed the institute’s Arabic books. According to our tutors, the teaching, facilities, and services are very good and the staff are extremely friendly. Please see the link below for further details. If you decide to go there, the institute offers Warwick students a special package. You can get in touch with our tutors and they will coordinate your study trip with the management.

If you think of studying Arabic in a different country, the tutors also recommend Jordan Language Academy. Please see the link below for further details.

Please see also other institutions in Jordan, Oman, Qatar and Morocco that offer good courses for non-native speakers:


We have a well-developed relationship with Beijing Normal University, where students go every summer

Currently, SMLC students can go to Shan’xi History Museum for work experience straight after their study in Beijing Normal University. Free on-campus accommodation is provided by Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China. Students will be provided with a certificate after their work experience.

Xi'an , China


Students can choose between two Summer schools with whom we have a well-established contact:

Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia (North west of Russia, 400 km from Saint-Petersburg)


Various work experience opportunities are available for students during the summer.