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Wednesday, November 03, 2021

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Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Forum
  • Guest Speaker: Sara Hattersley (Delivering TfLO for PGRs)
  • Academic Technology featured recipe: Recording your screen to make a demonstration
  • Support, and discussion session
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SoTL: What is it? How do I do it?

This workshop is for anyone who has asked these questions about the Scholarship of Teaching of Learning (SoTL). Rather than engaging in the well-worn debates, the workshop will start from the premise that we are all SoTL practitioners – even if we don’t know it yet. We will redefine SoTL as an inclusive, spectrum-based activity in which we are all engaging to varying degrees. As an interactive and practical-focused workshop, you will be supported to consider your current SoTL activities and identify steps that will move you further along the spectrum towards more structured evidence-based inquiries. With TEALFest 2022 (Technology Enhanced Active Learning Festival) coming soon, we will also consider how to frame SoTL activities so that they can be shared at events like this to inform others’ teaching practices too.