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Anil Awesti on the 'Politics of Brexit’ course

Workshop led by Anil Awesti, Senior Teaching Fellow, CLL, University of Warwick

This workshop reflects on the experience of designing and teaching a ’Politics of Brexit’ course and undertaking a Brexit speaker series amongst members of the public in a city which voted ‘Leave’. The Brexit referendum brought to the fore the developing ghettoisation of British society whereby social groups increasingly exist in ‘echo chambers’ in which social interaction is confined to likeminded others. Public engagement activities exploring the politics of Brexit aimed to tackle such segregation and facilitate interaction between different social groups.

Colleagues will engage in a discussion centred on the benefits and challenges of running public engagement courses in terms of structure, content, tone, language and delivery methods. In doing so, we will broach the wider questions surrounding the processes of making universities more inclusive spaces in an era in which ‘people in this country have had enough of experts’ (Gove).

Date: Monday 19th November 2018

Time: 14.00-15.30

Venue: Teaching Grid (Collaboration Area)

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Anil Awesti

Anil Awesti

Senior Teaching Fellow