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Re-writing the 20 point scale at departmental level

Wednesday 10 January, 14:00 - 16:00

Oculus OC0.05

Dr Letizia Gramaglia (LDC) and Dr Jennie Mills (LDC)

Each department has been charged with the task of refining the University wide 20 point marking scale to reflect the specific imperatives and standards of academic work produced by their students. This is a challenging task, and especially so when departments host a variety of disciplines. This workshop has been devised to support departments as they undertake this work. It will introduce some general principles of writing assessment standards, explore how the existing standards can be adapted, and provide hands-on support and guidance as you create departmental versions of the 20 point scale.

Who should attend: the person/persons responsible for authoring the departmental scale.

Spaces are limited to one/two people per department, with the exception of multi-disciplinary departments where a group approach is needed, in which case one member of staff should represent each discipline within the department.

N.B. This workshop will not address assessment, module or programme specific scales, so you should only attend if you are responsible for writing the departmental level scale.

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