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About My-Parish

This online platform is co-ordinated by Beat Kümin and Joe Chick on behalf of the interdisciplinary Warwick Network for Parish Research, founded in 2003 to support a wide range of initiatives on parish history, art, heritage and culture from the Middle Ages to the present. Originally hosted by WordPress - on a platform set up in collaboration with Joanne Anderson, David Beck and Donald White in November 2012 and then looked after by John Morgan until 2016-17 - this online resource - re-launched on the Warwick server with the help of Dave Toulson and the History department in 2017 - is aimed at any individual or group with parish-related interests, hoping to facilitate exchange between universities, research institutions, history / heritage societies and local communities.

St Morwenna at Morwenstow

My-Parish and Network logos © Don White, 2011.
(using the portal of St Morwenna at Morwenstow in Bude/Cornwall)


A short introduction: B. Kümin, 'My-Parish: A Local History Portal',
in: Modern History Review 22 (3/February 2020), 34


Contacts: Beat Kümin (Warwick Network); Joe Chick (webmaster)

Partner Organizations:


Christianity & Culture

Humanities Research Centre