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Secondary Works in English

This is a select start-up bibliography for scholars interested in late medieval and early modern parishes. It is divided into ‘parish-focused studies’ (secondary literature dealing directly with parishes) and ‘parish-related studies’ (written on other main themes, but containing substantial information on parishes). It can never be complete and additions are always welcome.

Please note that works in other languages, printed primary materials and digital resources may also be relevant for specific regions/communities.

Parish Chest

The medieval parish chest of Bishop’s Cleeve, Glos (Photo: BK)

Parish-Focused Studies

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Contents of 1550-1689 volume: Kenneth Fincham, 'The Protestant Church and its churches'; John Harper, 'Liturgy and music during the decades of change, c.1550-c.1690'; Ian Atherton, 'Adapting cathedrals to the Reformation in Britain: a story in five buildings'; Trevor Cooper, 'The interior planning of the English parish church, 1559-c.1640'; Anthony Geraghty and Mark Kirby, 'Rebuilding the City churches after the Great Fire of London: the case of All Hallows the Great, Thames Street'; William Roulston, 'Places of worship of the Established Church in Ireland, 1550-1689'; Richard Oram, 'The Temple purged: Scottish churches, c.1525 to 1690'; Christoper Wakeling, '"How amiable are thy tabernacles": Nonconformists’ places of worship'; Sharman Kadish, 'Synagogues: Jews in medieval England and after the Readmission of 1656'; Paul Barnwell, 'Conclusion: Reformations and Re-Formations'

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Foreword / Kenneth Fincham
Introduction / Andrew Foster and Valerie Hitchman
The economic impact of the Reformation on two Canterbury parishes / Sheila Sweetinburgh
London parish records and parish studies / texts, contexts, and debates over approapriate materials / Gary G. Gibbs
Counting communities, counting cultures : problems and progress with early modern churchwarden's accounts in western England and Wales / Katharine K. Olsen
Churchwardens' accounts and the confessional state in Ireland, c. 1660-1750 / Toby Barnard
Early modern churchwardens' accounts in Ireland / Evie Monaghan
Vermin, churchwardens and support for the parish poor / Christopher Webb
The public sphere and the parish pump : finding politics in the churchwardens' accounts, 1639-1643 / John Walter
Music and religious identity in Elizabethan London : the value (and limitations of the churchwardens' accounts / Jonathan Willis
Afterword : voices from the pews / Joan Dils
Appendix I. Canons of the Church of England relating to the work of churchwardens --
Appendix II. What advice was available to churchwardens on their duties? --
Appendix III. Labour and building costs in southeast England during the seventeenth century

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