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Introductory Works

Aubrun, M., La paroisse en France des origins au XVe siècle (2nd edn, 2008)

Bo, Vincenzo, Storia della parrocchia (5 vols, 1988-2004)

Burgess, C.; Duffy, E. (eds), The Parish in Late Medieval England, Harlaxton Medieval Studies Vol. XIV (2006)

Communautés rurales, vol IV: Europe occidentale, Receuils de la société Jean Bodin 43 (1984)

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French, K.; Gibbs, G.; Kümin, B. (eds), The Parish in English Life 1400-1600 (Manchester, 1997)

Hindle, S., On the Parish? The Micro-Politics of Poor Relief in Rural England c. 1550-1750 (2004)

Kruppa, N. (ed.), Pfarreien in Mitteleuropa im Mittelalter. Deutschland, Polen, Tschechien und Ungarn im Vergleich (2008)

Kümin, B., The Shaping of a Community: The Rise & Reformation of the English Parish c. 1400-1560 (1996)

Petke, W., ‘Die Pfarrei. Ein Institut von langer Dauer als Forschungsaufgabe’, in: E. Bünz and K. Lorenzen-Schmidt (eds), Klerus (2006)

Pievi e parrocchie in Italia nel basso medioevo (sec. XIII-XV) (2 vols, 1984)

Pounds, N., A History of the English Parish: The Culture of Religion from St. Augustine to Queen Victoria (1999)

Snape, Michael, The Church of England in Industrialising Society: The Lancashire Parish of Whalley in the Eighteenth Century (2003)

Spaeth, D., The Church in an Age of Danger: Parsons and Parishioners 1660-1740 (2000)

Spicer, A. (ed.), Parish Churches in the Early Modern World (2016)

Strong, Sir Roy, A Little History of the English Country Church (2007)

Tate, W., The Parish Chest (1969)

Wright, S. (ed.), Parish, Church and People: Local Studies in Lay Religion 1350-1750 (1988)

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