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Current Events


'The Desecularisation of the City': a half-day Conference hosted jointly by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London and the Centre for Church Growth Research at Durham on the occasion of a book publication (Waterloo Campus, London, 25 January 2019)

'Northern Lights: Late Medieval Devotion to Saints from the North of England', organised by Denis Renevey, Christiania Whitehead, and Hazel Blair as part of their ongoing Swiss National Science Foundation project; call for 20-minute papers (send a 250-word abstract and brief CV to and by 15 September 2018); click on the hyperlink for further information on registration details, costs and travel advice (University of Lausanne, Switzerland; 28-30 March 2019)

'The Reformation and Heresy': Society for Reformation Studies annual conference at Westminster College, Cambridge, 9-11 April 2019; send proposals with title & up to 150-words abstract to to Dr Stephen Hampton ( by 10 January 2019

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