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New Publications

  • Barnwell, Paul (ed.), Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, 1150–1350, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2018) [detailsLink opens in a new window]; idem (ed.), Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, 1350-1550, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment, 8, Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2019 and Paul Barnwell and Trevor Cooper (eds), Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, 1550-1689, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment, 10 (Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2019).


  • Bernstein, Meg (ed.), Towards an Art History of the Parish Church 1200-1399 (London: Courtauld, 2021) [contents, with open access]


  • Brown, Nick; Whittingham, Christine (eds), Berkhamsted St Peter Churchwardens’ Accounts, c. 1584-1660, Hertfordshire Record Society vol. XXXVIII (2022) [flyer; publisher information]


  • Burgess, Clive, 'The Right Ordering of Souls': The Parish of All Saints' Bristol on the Eve of the Reformation, Studies in the History of Medieval Religion (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2018) [publisher information]


  • Chittolini, Giorgio, La Chiesa lombarda. Ricerche sulla storia ecclesiastica dell'Italia padana (secoli XIV-XV) [The Church in Lombardy: Studies on the Ecclesiastical History of the Po Valley (14-15th centuries)] (Milan: Scalpendi, 2021) [this collection of essays by one of the most influential Italian scholars of local ecclesiastical structures in the late Middle Ages contains studies on urban and rural parishes as well as other churches linked to local communities in the Lombardy region; further information]


  • Falvey, Heather (ed.). Pre-Reformation Wills from Rickmansworth Parish (1409-1539) (Rickmansworth Historical Society, 2021) [comprising 213 wills and 35 other probate documents relating to this Hertfordshire parish, with an extensive introduction; publisher information; information flyer]


  • Gibbs, Gary G., Five Parishes in Late Medieval and Tudor London: Communities and Reform (London: CRC Press, 2019) [publisher info]


  • Harry, David; Steer, Christian (eds), The Urban Church in Late Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Clive Burgess (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2019) [publisher information/special offer]


  • Hersche, Peter, Kirchen als Gemeinschaftswerk: Zu den wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Grundlagen frühneuzeitlichen Sakralbaus [Churches as collective endeavours: On the economic and social foundations of sacred buildings] (Basel: Schwabe, 2022) [with particular reference to the Baroque period in Switzerland]
  • Kaufman, Lucy, A People’s Reformation: Building the English Church in the Elizabethan Parish (Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, 2022)


  • Kuiken, Kees, Rural Salvation Markets: Medieval Memoria in Dutch Village Parishes, Historia Agriculturae 49 (Groningen, 2019) [publisher information]


  • Miller Renberg, Lynneth, Women, Dance and Parish Religion in England, 1300-1640: Negotiating the Steps of Faith (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2022) [publisher information]


  • Morsel, Joseph (ed.), Communautés d’habitants au moyen âge (XI-XVe siècles) [Communities of inhabitants in the Middle Ages: 11-15th Centuries] (Paris: Editions de la Sorbonne, 2018] [publisher information; online access; see esp. section 3 on parish communities]


  • Orlik, Susan, Decorating the Parish Church in Post-Reformation England: Material Culture, Community and Identity in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, 1560–1640 (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2022) [publisher details & special offer]


  • Provero, Luigi, Contadini e potere nel medioevo: Secoli IX-XV [Peasants and Power in the Middle Ages: 9-15th Centuries] (Roma: Carocci, 2020) [publisher information; see esp. ch. 9 on 'praying']



  • Thompson, Anne, Parish Clergy Wives in Elizabethan England, St Andrews Studies in Reformation History (Leiden: Brill, 2019) [publisher information]


  • Zuliani, Federico (ed.), Una nuova frontiera al centro dell’Europa: Le Alpi e la dorsale cattolica (sec. XV-XVII) [A new frontier at Europe's Centre: The Alps and the backbone of Catholicism] (Milan: FrancoAngeli, 2020) [includes parish-related essays by M. Della Misericordia, C. di Filippo, F. Del Tredici & E. Canobbio]

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