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New Publications

  • Barnwell, Paul (ed.), Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, 1150–1350, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2018) [details]; idem (ed.), Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, 1350-1550, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment, 8, Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2019 and Paul Barnwell and Trevor Cooper (eds), Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, 1550-1689, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment, 10 (Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2019).


  • Burgess, Clive, 'The Right Ordering of Souls': The Parish of All Saints' Bristol on the Eve of the Reformation, Studies in the History of Medieval Religion (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2018) [publisher information]


  • Falvey, Heather (ed.). Pre-Reformation Wills from Rickmansworth Parish (1409-1539) (Rickmansworth Historical Society, 2021) [comprising 213 wills and 35 other probate documents relating to this Hertfordshire parish, with an extensive introduction; publisher information; information flyer]


  • Gibbs, Gary G., Five Parishes in Late Medieval and Tudor London: Communities and Reform (London: CRC Press, 2019) [publisher info]


  • Harry, David; Steer, Christian (eds), The Urban Church in Late Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Clive Burgess (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2019) [publisher information/special offer]


  • Kuiken, Kees, Rural Salvation Markets: Medieval Memoria in Dutch Village Parishes, Historia Agriculturae 49 (Groningen, 2019) [publisher information]


  • Morsel, Joseph (ed.), Communautés d’habitants au moyen âge (XI-XVe siècles) [Communities of inhabitants in the Middle Ages: 11-15th Centuries] (Paris: Editions de la Sorbonne, 2018] [publisher information; online access; see esp. section 3 on parish communities]


  • Provero, Luigi, Contadini e potere nel medioevo: Secoli IX-XV [Peasants and Power in the Middle Ages: 9-15th Centuries] (Roma: Carocci, 2020) [publisher information; see esp. ch. 9 on 'praying']


  • Thompson, Anne, Parish Clergy Wives in Elizabethan England, St Andrews Studies in Reformation History (Leiden: Brill, 2019) [publisher information]


  • Zuliani, Federico (ed.), Una nuova frontiera al centro dell’Europa: Le Alpi e la dorsale cattolica (sec. XV-XVII) [A new frontier at Europe's Centre: The Alps and the backbone of Catholicism] (Milan: FrancoAngeli, 2020) [includes parish-related essays by M. Della Misericordia, C. di Filippo, F. Del Tredici & E. Canobbio]

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