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Audiovisual Resources


  • For video recordings of presentations (e.g. keynote addresses by Martin Crampin, Chris Dyer, John Harper, Beat Kümin, Penny Roberts, Nicola Whyte, Jonathan Willis), webinars ('British Parishes' 10/3/21), events (Berkswell Feast Food Fair 25-26/3/22) and discussions (involving archivists, local history groups, research students and others) from our annual symposium please visit the My-Parish channel on YouTube logo


  • Other audiovisual resources:
    • (Im)material Devotions - Light and Lighting Devices in Devotional Practice (February 2021, The Warburg Institute): Dr Tom Nickson (Courtauld Institute) examines the role of candles, lamps and natural light in shaping devotional spaces and experiences. Drawing on written, visual and archaeological evidence, he considers the role of different lighting devices in a range of spaces, from mosques to royal chapels and parish churches, showing how light and lighting were central to experiences of material and devotional cultures at all levels of society.

'British Parishes':
Webinar on 10 March 2021



'Parish Studies Today':
Impressions from 2012 Symposium