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How do I join My-Parish?

Simply by sending your full name, location/institution, email and homepage (if any) to our webmaster.

Who can become a member?

Any individual or group with an active interest in parish history, art, heritage and/or culture. You do not have to be based in an institution or hold any specific qualifications. One of our main aims is to connect different regions, time periods, backgrounds ...

What happens after I joined?

There are no fees, obligations or commitments except that you grant us permission to list your registration details on our 'Members' page. Naturally, we encourage all members to share information, make contributions to the site, attend the Symposium and engage in exchange.

What is the 'News Forum'?

A 'current affairs' facility to alert the wider world to parish-related activities, events, publications, ideas ... - something like a tweet on Twitter. Any member can add new topics or reply to existing threads (without going through the webmaster, althoug we do reserve the right to monitor contributions to ensure appropriate use).

What is a 'Parish Post'?

Posts are 'newspaper/magazine article'-length pieces by members showcasing their parish-related research and interests, sources, images and recordings; reports on events; contributions to current debates ... - comparable to blog entries. Please contact the webmaster with your ideas in the first place who will help you to design a designated page with its own url. Again, we reserve the right to refuse inappropriate material.

What is a 'Parish Text'?

A full-length essay or dissertation/book manuscript on parish-related themes, made accessible through a pdf or a link to another website. Please contact the webmaster if you have anything to upload here.

What is a 'Parish Project'?

A major research tool (such as a database) or similar larger-scale project which needs a home on the web. We are delighted to host any resources of interest to parish scholarship and/or of use to parish communities. Please contact the webmaster if you have any ideas.

How do I get in touch with the My-Parish team?

Just email the network co-ordinator or webmaster; contact details of all registered users appear on the 'Members' section.

Who can view forum contributions, posts, texts and projects?

Anyone with a computer and internet connection; all our materials are open access; some third-party links / sites may operate restrictions.

Is there something that hasn’t been addressed yet? Please get in touch by emailing our webmaster.