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Sleep, Health and Society©

Introduction to our Sleep, Health & Society© Research Programme

Sleep research in one minute!


Prof Franco Cappuccio and Dr Michelle Miller lead the programme on Sleep, Health and Society, studying the implications of sleep disturbances on quantity and quality of sleep and ensuing daytime sleepiness, and determinants of physical and mental ill-health and general wellbeing. The socio-economic hormonal and biochemical mechanisms mediating these effects are also being explored.

Furthermore, the programme studies the health effects of shift working and its implications on safety, fatigue, quality of life and productivity.

The programme engages researchers across all faculties of the University of Warwick, and has several national and international collaborations.

MSc and PhD Projects Available

As part of the Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing, we provide a doctoral training programme in Sleep Research, Cardiovascular and Nutritional epidemiology and public health. We have a strong track record in supervising and supporting students to successful completion of their doctoral research. We also consider mentoring 'PhD by Publication' in these areas. We do not currently have funded projects. We would welcome applications for self-funded candidates who wish to undertake a PhD with us.

Examples of projects include: Relationship between sleep disturbances and adverse pregnancy outcomes; Longitudinal analyses of sleep and cognition; Systematic review and meta-analysis of sleep disturbances as precurosrs or triggers of depression; Sleep problems and functional impairment in young people at risk of developing psychiatric disorders; Stroke in Bangladeshi immigrants in the United Kingdom;

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In 2012, our research group was listed as European Society of Sleep Research 'Research Laboratory'.ESSRtemp

Read summaries of key research findings:

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The Truth about Slim People

Channel 4, 8th November 2017

C4 Pic

Follow the link to watch the programme featuring also Prof Francesco Cappuccio talking

about the role of a good night sleep in preventing weight gain

British Sleep Society Meeting, Brighton 2017

Dr Michelle A Miller received an Excellence Award from the British Sleep Society for short Oral and Poster communication 'Shorter sleep duration predicts incident obesity in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies'. Congratulations Michelle!

Michelle at BSS 2017

Winning the Battle for the Night by Faith Blatchford (2017)

Did you know that poor sleep habits can increase the risk of serious health conditions? Michelle Miller recommends following the advice in Faith's new book, Winning the Battle for the night.

International Aging and Sleep Meeting, Lyon 2017

On 29th & 30th June 2017 Dr Michelle A Miller gave two invited lectures at the International Aging and Sleep meeting in Lyon. The first was entitled ‘Cognitive Impairment Related to Sleep and Sleep Disorders’ and the second ‘Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Risk in Sleep Deprived People’.

Lyon 2017

European Stroke Conference, Berlin 2017

On 26th May 2017 Dr Michelle A Miller gave an invited lecture at the European Stroke Conference in Berlin. Her talk ‘Effects of Sleep on Cardiovascular Outcomes and Wellbeing’ was part of the symposium ‘Stroke rehabilitation – What’s sleep got to do with it?’ Chaired by Professor A Sterr from the UK and Dr M Ouellet from Canada.

European  Stroke Conference 2017

New Statesman (Aug 2016)

“You snooze, you lose - A history of sleep from
the premoderns to today’s health geeks”

by Sophie McBain


A brilliant and amusing account of the growing interest of the so-called “sleep revolution”, popularised in the United States by Arianna Huffington. She goes through the evidence backing up the concept that little sleep may be harmful to health. The only explicit quote you will find is of research carried out at the University of Warwick (sic!). She writes with wit and humour and shows a great deal of scepticism at times. I particularly like her quote “A true sleep revolution would be a campaign against poverty, low-paid and insecure labour, poor housing, violence, mental illness”, wrapping up the spirit of our Sleep, Health & Society Programme overall objective.

Dealing with insomnia:

BBC Radio 4: Woman's Hour (05/05/2016)

Kim Cattrall's revelations about insomnia on Woman's Hour led to a big response from listeners. Professor Franco Cappuccio, Head of the Sleep Health & Society Programme at the University of Warwick, discusses dealing with sleeplessness and addresses some of the problems people got in touch about. Presenter: Jenni Murray, Producer: Anne Peacock.

FPC Interview

Listen to the programme

Sleep and Cognition in the life-course: from development to decline.

Public Engagement Seminar, 2014


Introduction. Prof G Tadros

Sleep disturbances and ill-health. Prof FP Cappuccio

How do we measure sleep and cognition? Dr H Wright

Sleep disturbances and cognitive function with ageing. Dr MA Miller

Sleep: Is too much as bad as too little?

by Lauren Rosewasrne, 2014

Book launch: Sleep, Health & Society (Oxford University Press), 2010


Why not getting enough sleep could lead to an early grave, 2008

Prof Franco Cappuccio explains why not getting enough sleep can lead to a reduced life expectancy

Are we getting enough sleep?

Lack of sleep not only causes errors and accidents but could also make you put on weight. Find out how sleep research could change your life by listenting to Prof Franco Cappuccio presenting at the ThinkTank Theatre in Birmingham in May 2006.

Sleep and Obesity at AC21 Meeting, 2006

If you don't get enough sleep, you are at risk of getting fatter! In fact, you will have doubled your risk of becoming obese! By studying current evidence a team of researchers at the University of Warwick have discovered that sleeping less than 5 hours a night is associated with almost a twofold increase in the risk of obesity. Concerns over obesity have long been widespread in the USA, but now the World Health Organization is looking at increases in Europe too, and is developing a charter to organise immediate action to curb obesity in the region.


Prof. Franco Cappuccio
Dr Michelle Miller


Sleep and Chronic disease
EPIC Norfolk - Epidemiological Longitudinal Investigation on Cancer


Dr Catherine Coveney (Warwick)
Prof J Marianne Geleijnse (Wageningen)
Dr Andrew Hall (Leicester)
Dr Chris Hanning (Leicester)
Dr Pasquale Innominato (WMS)
Dr Chen Ji (WMS)
Dr Yue Leng (Cambridge)
Dr Steven Lockley (Harvard)
Professor Vinod Patel (Warwick)
Dr Leandro Pecchia (Warwick)
Professor Gregory Stores (Oxford)
Dr Nicole Tang (Warwick)
Dr Andrew Thompson (WMS)
Professor Scott Weich (WMS)
Professor Simon Williams (Warwick)
Professor Dieter Wolke (Warwick/WMS)
Dr Hayley Wright (Coventry)

Research students

Dr Manisha Ahuja (URSS, 2010-11)
Ms Hayley Boulton (URSS, 2013-14)
Dr Daniel Cooper (URSS, 2008-9)
Dr Andrew Currie (URSS, 2006-7)
Dr Josie Hough (URSS, 2013-14)
Ms Marlot Kruisbrink (Erasmus, 2016)
Ms S Tanya Lereya (URSS, 2013-14)
Dr Alex Lowe (2008)
Dr Andrew O'Keeffe (URSS, 2011-12)
Dr George Smith (URSS, 2011-12)
Dr Sam Vanlint (2009-10)
Ms Joanne Wallace (URSS, 2015)
Road Safety Bill

Sleep Special Study Module

Podcasts & Recordings
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