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Is Ageing Inevitable?

Feedback from the event:

"Very interesting and thought provoking!"

"Good format, plenty of time to mingle and see the posters"

"Friendly relaxed atmosphere"

The audience enjoyed...

"The opportunity to hear specialists explaining their fields and research topics"

"The friendliness of the organisers and their willingness to answer questions in “layman” terms"

"The opportunity to talk to the presenters around the posters and ask specific questions"

"The Q+A session and the mix of disciplines represented"

"The interactive approach and the enthusiasm of the presenters and demonstrators"

About the event:

On Tuesday 27 November the School of Life Sciences (SLS) held its second Public Science event of the 2018/19 academic year on the Gibbet Hill campus. The event entitled ‘Is Ageing Inevitable?’ was run by Dr Andre Pires da Silva and Professor Nicholas Dale. It was an interactive session that combined talks and Q&A sessions. Alongside these talks, poster displays on various themes of current ageing and neurology research were displayed. We were joined by Dr Daniel Sgroi, a behavioural economist, who gave an insightful presentation on the societal consequences of ageing.

Audience members ranged from secondary school students to the retired, with a large mix of members of the public and other university staff. Attendees enjoyed the interactivity of the evening and particularly the discussions surrounding society as a whole and the consequences of ageing.


Dr Andre Pires da Silva
Evolutionary Biologist

"Scientists recently learned that ageing does not happen in the same way in all animals, and that healthspan and lifespan can be modulated. This public evening showed how much we learned in recent years, as well as how much we do not know."


Professor Nicholas Dale

“Understanding and ageing and changing it to increase the healths life span is one of the great scientific challenges of the 21st C. This public science evening gave the audience a taste of the science of ageing and the implications of altering it.”

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