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Quantitative trait locus mapping of resistance to turnip yellows virus in Brassica rapa and Brassica oleracea and introgression of these resistances by resynthesis into allotetraploid plants for deployment in Brassica napus.

Frontiers in Plant ScienceGreer, Shannon F., Hackenberg, Dieter, Gegas, Vasilis, Mitrousia, Georgia, Edwards, David, Batley, Jacqueline, Teakle, Graham R., Barker, Guy C. and Walsh, John A

Turnip yellows virus (TuYV) is aphid-transmitted and causes considerable yield losses in oilseed rape (OSR, Brassica napus, genome: AACC) and vegetable brassicas. We report the identification, characterisation, and mapping of TuYV resistance in the diploid progenitor species of OSR, Brassica rapa (genome: AA), and Brassica oleracea This is the first report of TuYV resistance mapped in the Brassica C genome and of an allotetraploid AACC line possessing dual resistance to TuYV originating from both of its progenitors. The introgression into OSR can now be accelerated, utilising marker-assisted selection, and this may reduce selection pressure for TuYV isolates that are able to overcome existing sources of resistance to TuYV.

Frontiers in Plant Science. December 2021

Fri 14 Jan 2022, 09:24 | Tags: Plant and Crop Science