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New Scientist Live

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Warwick Life Sciences, Engineering and Physics are teaming up this week to deliver exciting outreach activities at New Scientist Live.


New Scientist Live sets out to be ‘the world’s most exciting festival of ideas’, attracting over 22,000 science curious visitors.

When an exhibitor space became available, the SLS Outreach Team , led by Prof. Kevin Moffat, were quick to seize this opportunity to showcase cutting edge research and study at Warwick.


Our activities at the stand cluster broadly around the theme of Antibiotic Resistance, spanning timescales from medieval plagues to contemporary Tuberculosis and futuristic treatments using viruses to cure infections.

Our exciting line up includes a virtual reality protein explorer, plague-infested Jelly Babies propelled from trebuchets, an ‘Electronic Nose’ that can sniff out your breath, a pestilent poetry competition…