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Dr Bridget Penman

Job Title
Associate Professor
Life Sciences
024 761 50249
Research Interests

Humans are engaged in a non-stop evolutionary struggle with infectious diseases. I seek to understand how natural selection from pathogens has shaped the genetics of humans and other vertebrate species. I use mathematical and computational models of biological processes to achieve this.

I am particularly interested in the genes of the vertebrate immune system and in co-evolution between malaria parasites and their host species. For full details of my group's work, please see my group page at Warwick's Zeeman Institute. I am also on Twitter.

I am happy to be contacted by potential research students in the biosciences who wish to carry out computational / theoretical projects relating to infectious disease and host-pathogen co-evolution.


I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford (BA, 2006) and completed a DPhil in Zoology at the University of Oxford (2011). I was a Junior Research Fellow at Merton College, Oxford (2011-2014), a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oxford Department of Zoology (2011-2015) and between 2015 and 2016 I was a Departmental Research Lecturer in the University of Oxford Department of Zoology.

Research Themes:

Biomedical Science