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Dr Isabelle Carre



Associate Professor


Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476523544

Research Interests

My current work aims to (i) investigate and model the function of gene networks underlying circadian oscillators and photoperiodic flowering, and (ii) decipher the regulatory logic within gene promoters that underlies specific temporal patterns of transcription.


As part of my PhD degree at Stony Brook University (New York)1992, I demonstrated the role of cyclic AMP in the circadian control of cell division in Euglena, a unicellular alga. Frustrated by the lack of genetics in this system, I chose during my post-doctoral training to work on Arabidopsis thaliana, then an emerging system for plant molecular genetics. As part of the NSF centre for Biological Timing at The University of Virginia, I studied the control of rhythmic transcription by the plant circadian clock. In 1996 I took up an independent position as a Warwick Research Fellow. My early work investigated the role of the circadian clock in the seasonal control of flowering, and led to the identification of some of the key components of the clock mechanism. This led to a lectureship in 2002 and an associate professorship in 2005.

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