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Rob Lillywhite



Assistant Professor


Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476 575060
WebLink: Warwick Crop Centre

Research Interests

My principal interest is systems sustainability and my research programme focuses on two sectors: agriculture/food and healthcare. My work uses environmental accounting techniques (life cycle assessment, footprinting, mass balances) to examine the trade-offs and impacts that occur within systems. Specific research includes:

  • the interactions between land management, agriculture and the environment
  • environmental accounting (carbon, water and environmental footprinting, mass and energy balances)
  • sustainable healthcare
  • food security
  • greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • ecosystem services
  • composting, anaerobic digestion and the application of organic materials to agricultural land
  • nitrogen balances in agriculture
  • the nitrogen nutrition of crops and the release of nitrogen from crop residues

Research Projects

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Skype: rob.lillywhite

Twitter: @robdlillywhite

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