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MSc and mini-projects

  1. Preparing clathrin cages from plants for cryo-electron microscopyLink opens in a new window
    A project supervised by Dr Corinne SmithLink opens in a new window who is an expert structural biologist and Director of the Advanced Bioimaging RTP, and Prof Richard Napier who is interested in clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants.
  2. Molecular recognition of auxins using mutants of TIR1Link opens in a new window
    The Napier lab has a strong record in research to describe how specificity is conferred by hormone receptor proteins. In this project mutants of the auxin receptor TIR1 will be evaluated for auxin binding affinity and specificity. The binding assay uses SPR.
  3. National policy for growing fruit and veg in the UK
    In 2022 we published "Growing British - a strategy paper for promoting fresh produce production in the UK'. The UK government has no strategy for horticulture. Climate change and world events make imports of sufficient fresh food products ever more challenging. The project might take any aspect of fresh produce supply to review and make strategy recommendations.
  4. For further details on any or all of these projects contact