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Collaborative Research

We work closely with cell and developmental biologists in Warwick Medical School, on a range of grant-funded research projects and through co-supervision of graduate students.

Multiple groups in the Cells and Development cluster are members of focused interdisciplinary research centres:

Warwick Centre for Early Life

This new Centre is a hub of multidisciplinary expertise, pioneering research that will lead to more successful pregnancies, better health for parents and children, and new treatments and tests.

Warwick Antimicrobial Interdisciplinary Centre (WAMIC)

We are researchers at the University of WarwickLink opens in a new window tackling antibiotic resistance by integrating expertise across disciplines.

Warwick Tissue Image Analytics Centre

Current research in the TIA centre is focussed on the application of image analysis and machine learning algorithms in order to further our understanding of the biology and entangled histological patterns of complex diseases such as cancer.

Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre.

The WISB research programme combines the principles of bioscience, engineering, computer science and physical science in theoretical and experimental synthetic biology research. We are developing next-generation synthetic biology tools and systems, biosynthetic pathways, synthetic communities of microbes, and plant-microbe interactions.