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Warwick writing workshop


Writing is a cornerstone academic practice. In all academic disciplines, good research is ultimately good writing. This workshop is designed to guide participants through the steps of producing a scientific article. It is designed for professional, academic writers, specifically postgraduate and PDRAs working on topics aligned to bioscience. It will be most beneficial for participants whose research has already been conducted and who are ready to write or revise previous writing for publication.


Erin Gorsich:


The workshop will blend practical, writing and editing focused workshops with seminars discussing background topics. The workshops will provide peer support and feedback at each stage of the writing process. For example, participants will be expected to bring drafts of their writing for peer review. The workshop topics will progress weekly along sections of the paper to provide structure and artificial deadlines. Example workshop topics include ‘the sell’, figures, introduction and methods. For detailed information on the workshop and background topics, please see the course structure, below.

By attending this course, you will have access to one-on-one writing feedback from a writing coach. These additional support sessions will provide you feedback on your overall writing style beyond the scientific details, allowing you to focus on tone and grammar.

You will also help create a scientific writing community at Warwick. We aim to provide a friendly source of accountability to keep you motivated and on track while you learn how to write early and often in a productive, sustainable way.


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