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2021 group

From left to right: Fran, Chris, John, Nic, Megan, David outside the new IBRB

Dr Jeff Cheng

Dr Deborah Brotherton

Dr Chris Thoroughgood (Honorary Research Fellow)


Mr Chris (Laurie) Graham (BBSRC MIBTP funded)

Mr John Deering (MRC-DTP iCASE with LifeArc)

Mr Nic Briggs (BBSRC MIBTP funded)

Ms Francesca Gillett (BBSRC funded CASE student with Micropathology)

Ms Kate Willett (BBSRC MIBTP funded)

Mr Daniel Karadzas (MRC DTP iCASE with DSTL)

Masters and MBio Students

2022-2023: Amy Gill & Nerys Thornhill

Former lab Members