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Former members

Mr Tyler Baverstock (MIBTP PhD student at Warwick)

Ms Charlotte O'Toole (PhD student at Nottingham/Research complex at Harwell)

Dr Avinash Punekar (University of Dundee - Drug Discovery Unit)

Dr Christine Lockey (PDRA University of Warwick with Dr Ann Dixon)

Dr Alvin Teo (Former CAS-IDP funded PhD student)

Dr Ramya Salimraj (PDRA at ICR)

Mr Daniel Simpson (PhD submitted)

Dr Amy O'Reilly (PhD submitted)

Dr Dean Rea (RSPB trainee)

Ms Smita Chauhan (Lab technician with Rut Carballido Lopez, Paris)

Dr Karen Hinxman (Ruane) (Administrator at Imperial college)

Dr Vita Godec (Majce) (LEC Pharmaceuticals)

Mr Richard Edwards (PhD submitted)

Mr Konstanin Fritz (PhD student at Imperial)

Dr Anne Blewett (Editor at Nature)

Dr Micheal Williams (Representative for GE Healthcare)

Ms Tomoko Adachi (Technician at RIKEN, Yokohama)

Dr Gianfranco DePascale (PDRA at U. McMaster, Canda, Investigator II at Novartis USA)

Dr Tom Clarke (PDRA at U.Penn State, PI Imperial College)

Dr Raul Pacheco-Gomez (PDRA U. Birmingham)

Dr Andrew Quigely (PDRA at the SGC Oxford)

Dr Daniel Bearup (PDRA U. Leicester)

Dr Sarah Batson (Scientific writer, Abacus International)

Dr Katherine Abrahams (PDRA with Prof G.S. Besra Birmingham)

Dr Jenni Shepherd (PDRA with Prof M. Ibba, Ohio)

Mr Sukhbir Singh Sanga (Fermentation/Purification Laboratory Technician at TwistDx Limited)