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Roper Group

About the group

The evolution of various bacterial antibiotic resistance mechanisms means that new antimicrobial compounds are urgently needed. The focus of our group is upon the enzymes and pathways required for bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and their relationship to the bacterial cell division thus spanning process that occur on both sides of the cytoplasmic membrane. Cell wall biosynthesis is one of the best-validated targets for antibiotics (e.g. Penicillin) but the mechanism of how these drugs actually work and how we might explore new targets for next-generation antibiotics provides an expansive field of research.

We use an interdisciplinary approach to study this area and explores the wide relationship between pathogenesis, bacterial growth and division, fundamental biological processes and antimicrobial strategies. In my group we use a full range of techniques from microbiological phenotypic studies to molecular and structural biology techniques to look at this providing in-vivo to in-vitro understanding.


In addition, the group also uses synthetic and translational biology approaches to obtain and reengineer pathway intermediates as chemical probes, substrates, and inhibitors. This approach not only allows novel insight into the biology underpinning these pathways but also enables biotechnological exploration and exploitation.


Our activities coordinate with other groups on a national and international basis. Warwick has a central role in coordinating research in this area and at a national and international level.

Details of our work on antibiotic resistance 

Funding: MRC, CIHR, BBSRC, EPSRC, Wellcome Trust and UNESCO L'Oreal

Research Opportunities

There are a range of projects ongoing within the group and we are always looking for new people interested in joining us. If you are interested in working with the group please contact David at . See details on how to apply for a postgraduate position within the School of Life Sciences at Warwick.

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