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Career Development

Academic Development Centre (ADC)

The ADC is an excellent resource for your career development.

Courses and Programmes

Cultivate professional development

Institute of Advanced Study (IAS)

The IAS also provides outstanding support for PostDocs at Warwick.

Supporting Postdocs at Warwick

Academic Careers and Leadership Development Programme (Accolade)

Institute of Advanced Study associate fellowship - A non-stipend fellowship that opens up a host of Warwick run activities and schemes.

Careers fair

The School of Life Sciences is aiming to host a careers fair for our PostDoctoral and PostGraduate researchers.

We will invite leading companies from all over the UK to come to Warwick to explain their Graduate and Doctoral programmes.

Watch this space for more news...

Personal webpages for Postdocs

All researchers in SLS are entitled to have a Personal Profile webpage and this a great way advertise your expertise and skills. This is linked to from the SLS People page and also the Research Cluster people pages, and so can help to boost your external visibility.

You can find out more about how to create one, and use it to enhance your international reputation.


Giving back to the community is not only in itself rewarding, but this is an essential part of the promotions criteria at work and most academic institutions.

Contributing to outreach and widening participation will help to separate you from your contemporaries when applying for jobs.

Whether you just want to give back or if you are looking to enhance your CV please contact Kevin Moffat for more details.

Warwick Postdoctoral Science Symposium

Warwick holds an interdepartmental science symposium explicitly for PostDocs to showcase their work.

With free refreshments and exceptional international key note speakers, this is something you should be involved in.

Helping to organise such an event will greatly enhance you resume. To get involved please email