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Wellington Research Group


Wellington group  Demo to children in lab

Research Themes:

  • Defining environmental reservoirs of pathogenic bacteria in soil and water.
  • Antibiotic resistance dissemination aim to identify reservoirs of drug resistance in the environment.
  • Microbial community analysis and the development of environmental proteomics for extraction and analysis of enzymes from soils and wastes, and in the processing of biopolymers.
  • Metagenomics and analyses of microbial gene pools in soil, discovery of novel antibiotic gene clusters.

Group Leader: Professor EMH Wellington

Group Members

Postdoctoral workers

Dr Jennie Holden: Antibiotic resistance in the environment
Dr Hayley King: Wildlife disease epidemiology and developing non-invasive methods for tracking infected animals
Dr Ian Lidbury: Plant rhizosphere and cycling of phosphate, metaproteomics
Dr Emma Travis: Theoretical and practical aspects of investigating reservoirs of Mycobacterium bovis and other mycobacterial pathogens in the environment. COMMet coordinator
Dr Chiara Borsetto: Metagenomics and antibacterial drugs discovery

Postgraduate students

John Cawley: Recycling biodegradable wastes
Victoria Clark: Understanding gene expression and plasmid survival in pathogens
Gemma Hill: Antibiotic resistance in rivers and wastewater treatment plants
Severine Rangama: Transmission route for antibiotic genes in the environment
Sian Powell: Animal diseases and interactions between wildlife and livestock

Research assistants

Lidija Kravar-Garde: Antimicrobial disease in wildlife and livestock
Andrew Murphy : Plant rhizosphere, metaproteomics and pathogen detection
David Porter: The role of wildlife in disease transmission

Visiting fellows

Dina Hatem, Newton Fellow, Cairo University: Antibiotic biosynthesis gene clusters
Jenny Johnson, Newton Fellow, Gujarat University: Metaproteomics of toxic environments