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Molecular Interactions

The Molecular Interactions Shared Resource Laboratory (InteractionsSRL) is capable of investigating macromolecules and their biomolecular binding properties. We have three different instruments that use either refractive index, fluorescence intensity or temperature to investigate biological interactions.


Dr Sarah Bennett (SRL Manager)

Lesley Ward (Technology specialist)

School of Life Sciences, Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL


Our technology facilities are open to internal and external users. For more information, such as access and charging, please click on the following links:

University of Warwick users

External users

Fair attribution policy

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Instruments and Services

Biacore T200

Biacore T200

  • Surface plasmon resonance instrument
  • Concentration requirements: 1pM to 2mM
  • Temperature control from 4 to 45°C
MST insturment

Monolith NT.115

  • MicroScale themophoresis instrument
  • Nano Blue/Red detector channels
  • Concentration requirements: 10-9 - 10-3 M
  • Temperature control
ITC instrument

MicroCal VP-ITC

  • Isothermal titration calorimeter
  • Concentration requirements: 10-100μM of molcule and ligand at 10-fold higher concentrations
  • Working temperature 10°C to 60°C