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Robotics and Bioreactors

The Robotics shared resource laboratory is equiped with high-throughput liquid handling platforms, capable of automating benchtop laboratory protocols. The robots have been routinely used for assays, plate replication, transformations and yeast 1 and yeast 2 hybrid screens.

Within the Bioreactor shared resource laboratory we are able to optimise the culture conditions in small volume (~3mL) and scale up to 7L vessels. An integrated robotic platform enables media preparation and subsampling/dosing during fermentation.


Dr Sarah Bennett (SRL Manager and Robotics Specialist)

School of Life Sciences, Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL


Our technology facilities are open to internal and external users. For more information, such as access and charging, please click on the following links:

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Instruments and Services


Tecan Freedom EVO200

  • Automated high-throughput liquid handling platform
  • 8-channel liquid handling arm, 96 multichannel arm and robotic manipulator arm
  • Optional peripheral devices

M2P Labs RoboLector

  • Robotic liquid handler, integrated with the biolector for media preparation and dosing

M2P Labs BioLector

  • High-throughput microbioreactor
  • 48 well plates
  • Integrated microsensors for biomass, fluorescence, pH and disolved O2
  • Working volume between 0.4 and 3ml

Applikon Bioreactors

  • 6 x 500mL autoclavable MiniBios
  • 7L Autoclavable bioreactor with EZ-control platform
  • Interchangeable 3L disposable bioreactor
Plate reader

Tecan Plate Readers

  • Infinite M Nano+ dual-mode microplate reader, monochromator
  • GENios filter-based microplate reader
  • Infinite F500 filter-based microplate reader
384 well plate


  • Training
  • Full analytical service
  • Application support