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Fluid & Atmospheric Dynamics Support

MA4H7 Atmospheric Dynamics 2016/17

Support classes Term 2 of 2016/17 take place in B1.12 of the Mathematics Department. Handouts from the support classes are listed below. Note that the notes from Fluid Dynamics modules below may also be useful. Lecture notes and revision problems will be posted on the module resources page.

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 1 - Basic Fluids

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 2 - Rotation and Waves

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dyanmics Handout 3 - Rossby Waves and Gradient Winds

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 4 - Waves in Boussinesq Equations

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 5 - Anelastic and Quasi-Geostrophic Equations

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 6 - Ekman Layers

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 7 - Thermal Wind

(PDF Document) Atmospheric Dynamics Handout 8 - Baroclinic Instability

ES441 Advanced Fluid Dynamics 2015/16

Handouts and copies of my class notes for the 2015 module. Lecture notes and revision problems are on the ES441 resources page. The MA3D1 Fluid Dynamics notes below also contain useful material.


(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Handout 1 - Basics

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Handout 2 - Lift

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Handout 3 - Turbulence

Class Notes

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 1 Notes - Basics

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 2 Notes - More Basics

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 3 Notes - Turbulence Similarity Solutions: Jet

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 4 Notes - Turbulence Similarity Solutions: Mixing Layer

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 5 Notes - Turbulence Similarity Solutions: Axisymmetric Wake and Flying Wing

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 6 Notes - Lift (See Handout 2)

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 7 Notes - Aerofoils

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 8 Notes - Turbulence (See Handout 3)

(PDF Document) Advanced Fluids Support 9 Notes - 2D Turbulence

MA3D1 Fluid Dynamics 2015.

Below are the handouts for the 2015 classes, these are based on the notes from 2014 therefore may contain some material not covered in the 2015 course but still may be useful. Problems taken from "Fluid Dynamics via Examples and Solutions" by Sergey Nazarenko.

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 1 - Basics

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 2 - Conservations Laws and Circulation

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 3 - 2D Flows

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 4 - More 2D Flows

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 5 - Shear Flows and Blunt Bodies

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 6 - Inertial Waves and Boundary Layers

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 7 - Internal Waves and Rayleigh-Taylor Instability

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 8 - Turbulence

(PDF Document) Fluids Handout 9 - Compressible Flows

MA3D1 Fluid Dynamics 2014.

These are the Fluid Dynamics module support notes for 2014.

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 1 - Streamlines

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 2 - Lift

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 3 - Boundary Layers

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 4 - Compressible Navier-Stokes and Waves

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 5 - Buoyancy Induced Waves

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 6 - Rotation and Instability

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 7 - Geophysical Flows

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 8 - More Geophysical Flows

(PDF Document) Fluids Support 9 - Turbulence

(PDF Document) Fluids Revision Class 1 - Shear and Pipe Flows