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Astronomy Seminars

Our seminars are an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in broad range of astronomical research areas with specialists in their fields. They are open all staff and students in the department, and final year undergraduates doing astronomy projects, are particularly welcome to attend. You may also be interested in other seminars in the Department of Physics.

Astronomy seminars are normally held at 14:00 on Wednesdays, usually in room PS1.28 of the Physical Sciences building, but please refer to the table below for any changes to these details. The seminars are preceded by an informal lunch with the speaker, to which all members of the Astronomy group are welcome.

For further details, or if you are interested in giving a seminar at Warwick, please contact Nicola Gentile Fusillo or Tom Louden.

Information for visiting seminar speakers

2018/2019 astronomy seminar series





5 Sep 2018

Rosemary Mardling Relaxation of resonant two-planet systems and their TTVs PS1.28

26 Sep 2018

Fabio Antonini Nuclear clusters and (supermassive) black holes PS0.17

3 Oct 2018

Meghan Gray Witnessing cluster assembly and galaxy preprocessing beyond the viral radius PS1.28

10 Oct 2018

Warwick Astro New group members welcome/ Jamboree PS1.28

17 Oct 2018

Tim Harries Gaps, rings and spirals: Imaging and modelling of structures in protoplanetary discs PS1.28

24 Oct 2018

Maria Monguio Montells Galactic plane surveys: IPHAS, UVEX and SCIP PS1.28

31 Oct 2018

Jorick Vink The heaviest stars and black holes in the Universe PS1.28

7 Nov 2018

Patricia Schady

Inferring the progenitor mass of explosive transients through their environment


14 Nov 2018

Pierre Bergeron White Dwarfs in Gaia: a Personal Venture PS1.28

21 Nov 2018

Romain Tartese Origin(s) of water in inner Solar System rocky bodies PS1.28

28 Nov 2018


5 Dec 2018

Sarah Casewell Irradiated brown dwarfs PS1.28

9 Jan 2019

-- -- PS1.28

16 Jan 2019

Klass Wiersema (Warwick) Polarimetry as a tool to understand extreme transients PS1.28

23 Jan 2019


30 Jan 2019

Ken Rice TBC PS1.28

6 Feb 2019

Paul Chote/James Blake (Warwick) Warwick Space Debris Projects PS1.28

27 Feb 2019

Benjamin Drummond The climate of hot exoplanets with coupled fluid dynamics, radiative transfer and chemistry PS1.28

6 Mar 2019

Simon Jeffery Helium Stars, Heavy Metals, High Velocities and Explosions PS1.28

13 Mar 2019

Matthew Kenworthy The hunt for circumplanetary rings around Beta Pictoris b and other exoplanets: the bRing project PS1.28

20 Mar 2019

Catherine Walsh The chemistry of planet-forming disks in the era of ALMA PS1.28

24 Apr 2019


1 May 2019

Steven Parsons Post common envelope binaries: Laboratories for binary and stellar physics PS1.28

8 May2019

Charlotte Angus The Diversity of Superluminous Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey PS1.28

15 May 2019

Rene Breton Spider Binary Pulsars and Extreme Physics PS1.28

22 May2019

Maria Teresa Belmonte Sainz-Ezquerra

What can laboratory spectroscopy do for astronomers? An overview of methods and capabilities.


29 May 2019

Christian Knigge Accreting white dwarfs as universal accretion laboratories PS1.28

5 Jun 2019

Rebecca Nealon Misaligned black hole accretion discs PS1.28

12 Jun 2019

Richard Booth

Dust dynamics and evolution in planet-forming discs

19 Jun 2019 The pursuit of perfect literacy of exoplanet light curves PS1.28

26 Jun 2019

Jincheng Guo RESCHEDULED PS1.28
10 July 2019 Cold planet evaporated by hot white dwarfs. PS0.17