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Astronomy Seminars

Our seminars are an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in broad range of astronomical research areas with specialists in their fields. They are open all staff and students in the department, and final year undergraduates doing astronomy projects, are particularly welcome to attend. You may also be interested in other seminars in the Department of Physics.

Astronomy seminars are normally held at 14:00 on Wednesdays, usually in room PS1.28 of the Physical Sciences building, but please refer to the table below for any changes to these details. The seminars are preceded by an informal lunch with the speaker, to which all members of the Astronomy group are welcome.

For further details, or if you are interested in giving a seminar at Warwick, please contact Tom Louden or Matthew Green.

Information for visiting seminar speakers

2019/2020 astronomy seminar series





9 Oct 2019 Subu Mohanty **POSTPONED** PS 1.28
16 Oct 2019 -- Warwick astronomy jamboree (Will be held at 4pm) PS 1.28
23 Oct 2019 JJ Zanazzi Orbital Circularization of Binaries with Resonance Locking from Stellar Evolution PS 1.28
30 Oct 2019 Laura Pirovano Observing and Cataloguing Space Debris PS 1.28
6 Nov 2019 Marco Lam White Dwarf Luminosity Function and Ultracool White Dwarfs PS 1.28
13 Nov 2019 Richard Parker
The influence of the star-forming environment on planetary systems
PS 1.28
20 Nov 2019 Ben Pepper Mining the Effect of more recent Reaction Rates using White Dwarfs PS 1.28
27 Nov 2019 Rhaana Starling (TBC)
Gamma-ray bursts: the emerging class of ultra longs (and other highlights)
PS 1.28
4 Dec 2019 Claudia Belardi A Search for Eclipsing Companions to White Dwarf Stars PS 1.28
8 Jan 2020      
15 Jan 2020 Hugh Hudson Waiting Times of Solar Flares PS 1.28
22 Jan 2020 Tim Harries The Gemini-LIGHTS Survey: scattered light imaging of protoplanetary disc structure PS 1.28
29 Jan 2020      
5 Feb 2020 Subu Mohanty Habitability of Terrestrial-Mass Planets in the Habitable Zone of M Dwarfs PS 1.28
12 Feb 2020 Graham Lee Please put on your 3D glasses now - Developing dynamics, cloud formation and radiative-transfer modelling techniques for exoplanet atmospheres in 3D PS 1.28
19 Feb 2020 Stefano Bagnulo TBC PS 1.28
26 Feb 2020 Kevin Heng A Tasting Menu of Research Problems in Exoplanetary Atmospheres PS 1.28
4 Mar 2020 N/A PhD interviews ----
11 Mar 2020      
22 Apr 2020 Min-Kai Lin TBC PS 1.28
29 Apr 2020 Silvia Toonen TBC PS 1.28
6 May 2020 Beth Biller TBC PS 1.28
13 May 2020 Kamen Todorov TBC PS 1.28
20 May 2020      
27 May 2020 René Kiefer TBC PS 1.28
3 Jun 2020      
10 Jun 2020      
17 Jun 2020      
24 Jun 2020