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Astronomy Seminars

Our seminars are an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in broad range of astronomical research areas with specialists in their fields. They are open all staff and students in the department, and final year undergraduates doing astronomy projects, are particularly welcome to attend. You may also be interested in other seminars in the Department of Physics.

Astronomy seminars are normally held at 14:00 on Wednesdays, usually in room PS1.28 of the Physical Sciences building, but please refer to the table below for any changes to these details. The seminars are preceded by an informal lunch with the speaker, to which all members of the Astronomy group are welcome.

For further details, or if you are interested in giving a seminar at Warwick, please contact Tom Louden or Elena Cukanovaite.

Information for visiting seminar speakers

2019/2020 astronomy seminar series





14 Oct 2020 ---- Warwick Astronomy Jambouree Virtual
21 Oct 2020 Alex Mustill **POSTPONED** Virtual
28 Oct 2020 Min-Kai Lin Making planets from small grains and big data Virtual
4 Nov 2020 Conor Byrne Atomic Diffusion & Pulsation in Post-common-envelope Binary Stars Virtual
11 Nov 2020 ---- **POSTPONED** Virtual
18 Nov 2020 ---- **POSTPONED** Virtual
25 Nov 2020 Simon Blouin Not so simple after all: White dwarf evolution in the era of Gaia Virtual
2 Dec 2020 Jan Eldridge Some of the things binary stars do... Virtual
9 Dec 2020 Tim Flohrer & Vitali Braun Understanding the space debris environment around Earth Virtual
13 Jan 2021 Chris Copperwheat Time Domain Astrophysics with the Liverpool Telescope and the New
Robotic Telescope
20 Jan 2021 Claudia Maraston **POSTPONED** Virtual
27 Jan 2021

Stijn Wuyts

A multi-tracer view on galaxies since cosmic noon: census, scaling relations and evolution Virtual
3 Feb 2021 Evan Bauer **POSTPONED** Virtual
10 Feb 2021 Daniel Perley A Complete Survey of the Catastrophic Universe Virtual
17 Feb 2021 Sarah Rugheimer The Origins of Life on Earth and the Search for Life on Exoplanets Virtual
24 Feb 2021 Beth Biller The Power of the Time Domain: Variability as a 3-d probe of Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Atmospheres Virtual
3 Mar 2021 Kareem El-Badry Emission-line stars, binary mass transfer, and the search for dormant stellar mass black holes - **3pm Seminar** Virtual
10 Mar 2021 Simone Scaringi Eavesdropping on accretion disks: the timing properties of accreting
white dwarfs as revealed by Kepler and TESS
17 Mar 2021 Silvia Toonen Stellar interactions and transients Virtual
28 Apr 2021 Evan Bauer TBC Virtual
5 May 2021 Maddalena Reggiani TBC Virtual
12 May 2021 Uri Malamud TBC Virtual
19 May 2021     Virtual
26 May 2021     Virtual
2 June 2021 Yun Zhang TBC Virtual
9 June 2021     Virtual
16 June 2021     Virtual
23 June 2021 Amy Steele TBC Virtual
30 June 2021 Siyi Xu TBC - **9am seminar** Virtual