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Astronomy Seminars

Our seminars are an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in broad range of astronomical research areas with specialists in their fields. They are open all staff and students in the department, and final year undergraduates doing astronomy projects, are particularly welcome to attend. You may also be interested in other seminars in the Department of Physics.

Astronomy seminars are normally held at 14:00 on Wednesdays, usually in room A0.28 in Millburn House, but please refer to the table below for any changes to these details. The seminars are preceded by an informal lunch with the speaker, to which all members of the Astronomy group are welcome.

For further details, or if you are interested in giving a seminar at Warwick, please contact Conor Byrne or Vatsal Panwar.

Information for visiting seminar speakers

Astronomy seminar series 2023/2024





17-04-2024 Jo Ann Egger Unveiling the internal structure and formation history of an observed planetary system A0.28
24 Apr 2024 Luca Matrà Exocomets around nearby stars A0.28
01 May 2024 --- --- A0.28
08 May 2024 Charlotte Angus Cosmic sneezes, hiccups and burps A0.28
15 May 2024 No Seminar No Seminar (2nd Year Poster Presentations) ----
Monday 20 May 2024 Kelly Gourdji Gravitational wave merger events on milliarcsecond scales with VLBI (NB Monday seminar) A0.28
29 May 2024 Rebecca Bowler The evolution of galaxies in the cosmic reionization era with JWST, ALMA and Euclid A0.28
05 Jun 2024 Ben Gompertz TBC A0.28
12 Jun 2024 10am Seminar Alison Wain (Remote speaker) TBC (NB Change of time)

A0.28, 10:00

19 Jun 2024 Sebastian Marino TBC A0.28
26 Jun 2024 Michelle Kunimoto TBC A0.28

-- ---- ----

------------------- ------------------ -----------------
24 Jul 2024 Sthabile Kowla TBC A0.28

-- ---- ----

------------------- ------------------ -----------------