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Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Question: My reference letter writers will not submit their letters by the deadline. Will my application be automatically rejected?

(1) Answer: No, but you will be at a disadvantage because these letters are used as one factor to determine which candidates are shortlisted. Please (a) request letters well before the deadline, (b) don't be afraid to send your letter writers regular reminders, and (c) know that your letter writers will receive a weblink to submit their letters only after you submit your application. You and your letter reference writers should be regularly checking your spam folders.

(2) Question: Do I have to make a separate application for the Warwick PhD Prize Scholarships?

(2) Answer: No. All applicants will automatically be considered for these Scholarships.

(3) Question: What funding source should I list on the application?

(3) Answer: Please just write "Warwick PhD Prize Scholarship"; do not worry about this field, as it represents just a purely administrative item that we will ignore. Funding may actually be provided from several different sources, some of which are dependent on the project. If you need to fill out additional fields requesting contact information, then you can write "Astronomy Cluster" with the telephone number of +44 (0)24 765 23965.

(4) Question: What Programme Code do I need to select in the application?

(4) Answer: Select "Physics (PhD) Full Time", Programme Code "P-F3P0", Academic Year "24/25". The reason is because the Astronomy and Astrophysics groupLink opens in a new window is a part of the Physics DepartmentLink opens in a new window.

(5) Question: The application asks for a research proposal. What should I write?

(5) Answer: Please upload one document specifying which projects you are interested in, and why. You do not need to write a full research proposal, but the more you can describe how your interests and/or skills match the identified projects, the stronger your application will be. You must clearly identify the projects that you are interested in.

(6) Question: I currently do not satisfy the University of Warwick's English language requirements. Can I still apply?

(6) Answer: Yes, but will you need to satisfy these requirementsLink opens in a new window before you begin your PhD if you are accepted into the program.

(7) Question: Can I apply if I don't expect to earn a Masters degree by the PhD start date?

(7) Answer: Effectively no. You must have or expect a First or Upper second class MSci, MPhys or equivalent degree in Physics or a closely related discipline by the time you begin your PhD. Holders of BSc honours degrees only are technically eligible to apply for a PhD but would need substantial additional research experience in order to be competitive.

(8) Question: I want to apply for both Warwick Astronomy PhD projects and another type of Warwick PhD project (like a HetSys project). Can I indicate all of my interests in the same application form?

(8) Answer: No. You must submit two different applications, one with the Programme code for all of the Astronomy projects (P-F3P0) and one with the Programme code for the other Department that you are applying to.

(9) Question: I still have a question that was not answered above. Whom do I contact?

(9) Answer: If your question is about a specific PhD project, then please contact the project supervisor. If your question is a technical question about the application system, then please contact opens in a new window. For all other queries, contact opens in a new window.