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Discs research group

We study discs that orbit a variety of other stars, from the youngest planet-forming discs to those that orbit the end-products of stellar evolution, white dwarfs. Our research aims to understand how these discs form and evolve, what goes on within them, and their ultimate fate. This work is done with a combination of theory, observation, and modelling. We use supercomputers, state-of-the-art observatories, and occasionally a pen and paper.

Academic Staff

Name Email & Links Research Interests  
Grant Kennedy
(assistant professor, Royal Society University Research Fellow)

G.Kennedy [at]
  • Debris Discs
  • Exocomets
  • Protoplanetary Discs
  • Planet-disc interactions
Farzana Meru
(assistant professor, Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow)
f.meru [at]
  • Protoplanetary Discs
  • Planet Migration
  • Dust Coagulation
  • Planet Formation
Dimitri Veras
(associate professor, STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow)
d.veras [at]
  • White dwarf debris discs and rings
  • Planet-disc interactions

Research Staff

Name Email & Links Research Interests  
Chris Manser
(Imperial College London)
c.manser [at]
  • White dwarf debris discs
  • Remnant planetary systems around white dwarfs
Rebecca Nealon
(Hawking fellow)

Rebecca.Nealon [at]
  • Protoplanetary discs
  • Planet disc interactions
  • Warped and misaligned discs
  • Black hole discs

Postgraduate Students

Name Email & Links Research Interests  
Patrick Cronin-Coltsmann
(PhD student)
Patrick.Cronin-Coltsmann [at]
  • Debris Discs
  • Protoplanetary Discs
  • Planet Formation
  • Low Mass Stars
Catriona McDonald
(PhD Student)

Catriona.McDonald [at]
  • White Dwarf Pollution
  • White Dwarf Debris Discs
  • Planetary System Dynamics
Sahl Rowther
(PhD student)

Sahl.Rowther [at]
  • Gravitationally Unstable Protoplanetary Discs
  • Planet Migration
  • Planet-Disc Interactions