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Phys-X will be hosted in the Department of Physics on 16 December 2014 from 10:00-13:00 approx. During this time there will be several talks of <20 minute duration from academics from the Departments of Physics and Mathematics, and from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester. The aim of these talks will be to offer a brief insight into some of the central problems in modern physics, and how they can be addressed. The schedule is below.

Time Speaker Title
10:00 Neil Wilson (Physics, Warwick) Two dimensional materials
10:20 Nial Tanvir (Physics, Leicester) There's gold in them thar stars
10:40   Coffee
10:55 Andrew Levan (Physics, Warwick) Setting the temperature of the planet
11:15 David Armstrong (Physics, Warwick) Exoplanets
11:35 Ben Slater (Physics, Warwick) Life as a physics undergraduate
11:55   Coffee
12:10 Lorenzo Pellis (Maths, Warwick) Mathematics and Ebola
12:30 Sinead Farrington (Physics, Warwick) Particle Physics

The talks will be held in in the Physics Lecture Theatre (PLT).