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Previous years' seminars

Here is a list of previous seminars hosted by the Warwick Astronomy Group.

The current schedule may be found on the main seminars page.

Astronomy seminar series 2023/2024





04 Oct 2023

---- ---- ----
11 Oct 2023 Warwick Astro Warwick Astro Jamboree In-person, A0.28
18 Oct 2023 Thomas Wilson Peering into the interiors of Earth-like planets In-person, A0.28
25 Oct 2023 ---- ---- ----
01 Nov 2023 Paola Pinilla First steps of planet formation in the ALMA and JWST era In-person, A0.28
Monday 06 Nov 2023 Martina Veresvarska Aperiodic and Quasi-periodic variability in Accreting White Dwarfs WD meeting, 11am, A0.28
08 Nov 2023 Vincent Bourrier From the desert into the savannah: a trek across the exo-Neptunes landscape In-person, A0.28
15 Nov 2023

Jakob van den Eijnden

(Warwick Prize Fellow)

Massive star interactions from binary to cluster scales: Building on a revolution in radio astronomy on the path to SKA

In person, A0.28
22 Nov 2023 Annelies Mortier Understanding the stars in our search for an Earth twin In person, A0.28
29 Nov 2023 Suhail Dhawan Strongly lensed supernovae: New cosmological and astrophysical probes in the time-domain era In-person, A0.28
06 Dec 2023 *NB: VENUE* Richard Parker The origin of short-lived radioisotopes in the Solar System In-person, L5 Lecture Theatre
------------ ------------------- ----- TERM BREAK ------ -----------------
10 Jan 2024 Physics Staff Meeting No Seminar ----
17 Jan 2024 ---- ---- ----
24 Jan 2024 ---- ---- ----
31 Jan 2024 ---- ---- ----
Note: Astro Offers Open Day
07 Feb 2024 ---- ---- ----
14 Feb 2024 No Seminar No Seminar ----
21 Feb 2024 ---- ---- ----
28 Feb 2024 ---- ---- L5 Lecture Theatre
06 Mar 2024 ---- ---- ----
13 Mar 2024 Cristiano Longarini TBC A0.28
------------ ------------------- ----- TERM BREAK ------ -----------------
24 Apr 2024 ---- ---- ----
01 May 2024 ---- ---- ----
08 May 2024 ---- ---- ----
15 May 2024 No Seminar No Seminar ----
22 May 2024 ---- ---- ----
29 May 2024 ---- ---- ----
05 Jun 2024 ---- ---- ----
12 Jun 2024 ---- ---- ----
19 Jun 2024 ---- ---- ----
26 Jun 2024 ---- ---- ----

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2022/2023 Seminars





7 Sept 2022 Jeremy Smallwood Accretion Disc Dynamics Around Binary Star Systems In-person (A0.28, MH)
5 Oct 2022 Shigeru Ida Moon formation of rocky/icy planets by a giant impact In-person (A1.27)
12 Oct 2022 ---- Warwick Astro Jamboree (2:30PM in PS 1.28, Physical Sciences Building) In-person (PS 1.28)
19 Oct 2022 Vinesh Maguire Rajpaul Correlated noise, Gaussian processes, and the quest to discover "Earth 2.0" In-person (A0.28)
26 Oct 2022 Tim Pearce Debris Discs as Probes of Planetary Systems In-person (A0.28)
02 Nov 2022 Gavin Morley Levitating nanodiamond experiments: towards a test of the quantum nature of gravity In-person (A0.28)
09 Nov 2022 Nathan Steinle The Bardeen-Petterson effect, disk breaking, and the spin orientations of supermassive black-hole binaries In-person (A0.28)
16 Nov 2022 Fabo Feng Explore the boundary between planet and star formation with a 3D selection of 167 substellar companions Virtual


1 Dec 2022

Megan Mansfield Finding Atmospheres on M Dwarf Terrestrial Planets with JWST (Thursday 3pm) Virtual, 3pm
25 Jan 2023 Theron Carmichael Transiting brown dwarfs: Bringing the past forward with Gaia and TESS In-person A0.28
01 Feb 2023   ** Warwick Astro Undergraduate Open Day **  
08 Feb 2023 Vivien Raymond Gravitational Waves Observations by LIGO-Virgo-Kagra: latest results and future directions In-person A0.28
15 Feb 2023   ** Warwick Astro Group Meeting **  
22 Feb 2023   ** Warwick Astro Undergraduate Open Day **  
01 Mar 2023 Laura Rogers An observational perspective on white dwarf planetary systems In-person
08 Mar 2023 ---- ----


26 Apr 2023 Jan Eldridge The Ecology of Compact Objects in Stellar Populations In-person, A0.28

03 May 2023

Eduardo Cristo Exploring Exoplanet Atmospheres and Stellar Surfaces with the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect In-person, A0.28
10 May 2023 Wendy Williams The radio AGN population revealed by LOFAR In-person, A0.28

17 May 2023

Alison Young The physical and observable properties of warped protoplanetary discs In-person, A0.28
24 May 2023 Mamadou N'Diaye
ZELDA: a Link to exoplanet imaging with current and future observatories

31 May 2023 (Starts at 15.30)

Ingrid Pelisoli

(Warwick Prize Fellow)

What happens when stars can’t keep apart: observing the effects of binary evolution In-person, A0.28
(Starts at 15.30)


01 Jun 2023

Asst. Prof. Candidate Talks (09:45-12:35)
In-person, A0.28
07 Jun 2023 Shri Kulkarni The Far Ultraviolet diffuse background In-person, A0.28

14 Jun 2023

Mark Magee

(Warwick Prize Fellow)

Supernovae as astrophysical probes: From large scales to small In-person, A0.28


19 Jun 2023

Ralph Pudritz Connecting exoplanet properties to planet formation: A new paradigm emerges In-person, A0.28 (Monday Seminar)

2021/2022 Seminars





13 Oct 2021 ---- Warwick Astronomy Jambouree Virtual
20 Oct 2021 Amy Steele Modeling the composition of exo-planetary material around white dwarf stars Virtual
27 Oct 2021 John Ilee Astronomy seminar: John Ilee, Mapping the chemistry of (exo)planet formation Virtual
3 Nov 2021 Kazumasa Ohno

Exoplanetary Aerosols: Microphysics and its Impact on Transmission Spectroscopy

Virtual (3 pm)
10 Nov 2021 María Camisassa Ultramassive White Dwarfs Virtual (3 pm)
17 Nov 2021 Adam Carnall The Origins of Massive Galaxies Virtual
24 Nov 2021 Paola Marigo The relationship between initial and final mass of white dwarfs: breaking a paradigm and new constraints on stellar evolution Virtual
1 Dec 2021 Gavin Lamb Gamma-ray Bursts, their Afterglows, and Gravitational Waves Virtual
8 Dec 2021 James Kirk
Exoplanet atmospheres at low and high resolution
12 Jan 2022 Mike Frost A Warwickshire Eclipse Virtual
26 Jan 2022 Vicky Fawcett How are red and blue quasars different? Virtual
9 Feb 2022 Maria Zamyatina Transport-induced quenching shapes transmission spectra of warm and hot Jupiters Virtual
16 Feb 2022 ---- PhD Student Interviews ----
23 Feb 2022 ---- Warwick Astrophysics Open Day ----
2 Mar 2022 Belinda Nicholson Gaussian Processes and Physical stellar properties


9 Mar 2022 Christoph Mordasini Four classes of planetary system architectures and a link to the radius valley Virtual
16 Mar 2022 Ben Davies The progenitors of type-II supernovae Virtual
6 Apr 2022 Valeriya Korol Galactic double white dwarfs in the LISA era Virtual
13 Apr 2022 Beate Stelzer Probing the active lives of stars with space missions Virtual
20 Apr 2022 ---- ** Reschedule ** Virtual
27 Apr 2022 Nicola Gentile Fusillo White dwarfs after Gaia: data mining and applications for 359000 stars Hybrid
18 May 2022 James Rogers Exoplanets and the Road to the Radius Gap Virtual
25 May 2022
Tjarda Boekholt
Jacobi captures: close encounters in astrophysical disks Hybrid (PS1.28+Teams)
1 Jun 2022 Anais Möller Time-domain science in the Rubin era Virtual
8 Jun 2022 Alex Hall Fundamental physics from galaxy shapes In-person
15 Jun 2022 Michael Line Characterizing Extrasolar Atmospheres with Ground Based High Resolution Transit Spectroscopy In-person
22 Jun 2022 Philip Wiseman Explosive Environmentalists: the critical connection between Type Ia supernovae and their host galaxies In-person
06 July 2022 Kat Ross Looking Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses: A New Era of Radio Variability Surveys Virtual
13 July 2022 ---------- ** National Astronomy Meeting 2022 ** ----------

Seminar series (2020/21)





14 Oct 2020 ---- Warwick Astronomy Jambouree Virtual      
21 Oct 2020 Alex Mustill **POSTPONED** Virtual      
28 Oct 2020 Min-Kai Lin Making planets from small grains and big data Virtual      
04 Nov 2020 Conor Byrne Atomic Diffusion & Pulsation in Post-common-envelope Binary Stars Virtual      
11 Nov 2020 ---- **POSTPONED** Virtual      
18 Nov 2020 ---- **POSTPONED** Virtual      
25 Nov 2020 Simon Blouin Not so simple after all: White dwarf evolution in the era of Gaia Virtual      
02 Dec 2020 Jan Eldridge Some of the things binary stars do... Virtual      
09 Dec 2020 Tim Flohrer & Vitali Braun Understanding the space debris environment around Earth Virtual      
13 Jan 2021 Chris Copperwheat Time Domain Astrophysics with the Liverpool Telescope and the New
Robotic Telescope
20 Jan 2021 Claudia Maraston **POSTPONED** Virtual      
27 Jan 2021 Stijn Wuyts A multi-tracer view on galaxies since cosmic noon: census, scaling relations and evolution Virtual      
03 Feb 2021 -- **POSTPONED** Virtual      
10 Feb 2021 Daniel Perley A Complete Survey of the Catastrophic Universe Virtual      
17 Feb 2021 Sarah Rugheimer The Origins of Life on Earth and the Search for Life on Exoplanets Virtual      
24 Feb 2021 Beth Biller The Power of the Time Domain: Variability as a 3-d probe of Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Atmospheres Virtual      
03 Mar 2021 Kareem El-Badry Emission-line stars, binary mass transfer, and the search for dormant stellar mass black holes - **3pm Seminar** Virtual (3PM)      
10 Mar 2021 Simone Scaringi Eavesdropping on accretion disks: the timing properties of accreting
white dwarfs as revealed by Kepler and TESS
17 Mar 2021 Silvia Toonen Stellar interactions and transients Virtual      
28 Apr 2021 Evan Bauer What's going on with white dwarf cooling? Virtual      
05 May 2021 Maddalena Reggiani Constraints on binary formation models from high-contrast imaging observations of massive stars Virtual      
12 May 2021 Uri Malamud The study of white dwarfs: a glimpse into our future Virtual      
19 May 2021 -- -- Virtual      
26 May 2021 -- -- Virtual      
02 Jun 2021 Yun Zhang The role of cohesion in small body evolution: from 'Oumuamua to Bennu Virtual      
09 Jun 2021 -- -- Virtual      
16 Jun 2021 Zhaohuan Zhu Protoplanetary Disk Structure and Young Planet Population - **4pm seminar** Virtual (4PM)      
23 Jun 2021 Sebastian Marino Studying ExoKuiper belts through ALMA observations Virtual      
30 Jun 2021 Siyi Xu Siyi Xu Planetesimals and Planets around White Dwarfs - **9am seminar** Virtual (9AM)      

2019/2020 seminar series





9 Oct 2019 Subu Mohanty **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
16 Oct 2019 -- Warwick astronomy jamboree (Will be held at 4pm) PS 1.28      
23 Oct 2019 JJ Zanazzi Orbital Circularization of Binaries with Resonance Locking from Stellar Evolution PS 1.28      
30 Oct 2019 Laura Pirovano Observing and Cataloguing Space Debris PS 1.28      
6 Nov 2019 Marco Lam White Dwarf Luminosity Function and Ultracool White Dwarfs PS 1.28      
13 Nov 2019 Richard Parker
The influence of the star-forming environment on planetary systems
PS 1.28      
20 Nov 2019 Ben Pepper Mining the Effect of more recent Reaction Rates using White Dwarfs PS 1.28      
27 Nov 2019 Rhaana Starling (TBC)
Gamma-ray bursts: the emerging class of ultra longs (and other highlights)
PS 1.28      
4 Dec 2019 Claudia Belardi A Search for Eclipsing Companions to White Dwarf Stars PS 1.28      
15 Jan 2020 Hugh Hudson Waiting Times of Solar Flares PS 1.28      
22 Jan 2020 Tim Harries The Gemini-LIGHTS Survey: scattered light imaging of protoplanetary disc structure PS 1.28      
5 Feb 2020 Subu Mohanty Habitability of Terrestrial-Mass Planets in the Habitable Zone of M Dwarfs PS 1.28      
12 Feb 2020 Graham Lee Please put on your 3D glasses now - Developing dynamics, cloud formation and radiative-transfer modelling techniques for exoplanet atmospheres in 3D PS 1.28      
19 Feb 2020 Stefano Bagnulo A high-precision survey of magnetic fields in white dwarfs within 20 parsec from the Sun PS 1.28      
26 Feb 2020 Kevin Heng A Tasting Menu of Research Problems in Exoplanetary Atmospheres PS 1.28      
4 Mar 2020 N/A PhD interviews ----      
11 Mar 2020 Alex Mustill **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
22 Apr 2020 Min-Kai Lin **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
29 Apr 2020 Silvia Toonen **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
6 May 2020 Beth Biller **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
13 May 2020 Kamen Todorov **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
20 May 2020 Carole Mundell (TBC) **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
27 May 2020 René Kiefer **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      
3 Jun 2020   **POSTPONED**        
10 Jun 2020   **POSTPONED**        
17 Jun 2020 Konstantin Batygin **POSTPONED** PS 1.28      

2018/2019 seminar series





5 Sep 2018

Rosemary Mardling Relaxation of resonant two-planet systems and their TTVs PS1.28

26 Sep 2018

Fabio Antonini Nuclear clusters and (supermassive) black holes PS0.17

3 Oct 2018

Meghan Gray Witnessing cluster assembly and galaxy preprocessing beyond the viral radius PS1.28

10 Oct 2018

Warwick Astro New group members welcome/ Jamboree PS1.28

17 Oct 2018

Tim Harries Gaps, rings and spirals: Imaging and modelling of structures in protoplanetary discs PS1.28

24 Oct 2018

Maria Monguio Montells Galactic plane surveys: IPHAS, UVEX and SCIP PS1.28

31 Oct 2018

Jorick Vink The heaviest stars and black holes in the Universe PS1.28

7 Nov 2018

Patricia Schady

Inferring the progenitor mass of explosive transients through their environment


14 Nov 2018

Pierre Bergeron White Dwarfs in Gaia: a Personal Venture PS1.28

21 Nov 2018

Romain Tartese Origin(s) of water in inner Solar System rocky bodies PS1.28

28 Nov 2018


5 Dec 2018

Sarah Casewell Irradiated brown dwarfs PS1.28

9 Jan 2019

-- -- PS1.28

16 Jan 2019

Klass Wiersema (Warwick) Polarimetry as a tool to understand extreme transients PS1.28

23 Jan 2019


30 Jan 2019

Ken Rice TBC PS1.28

6 Feb 2019

Paul Chote/James Blake (Warwick) Warwick Space Debris Projects PS1.28

27 Feb 2019

Benjamin Drummond The climate of hot exoplanets with coupled fluid dynamics, radiative transfer and chemistry PS1.28

6 Mar 2019

Simon Jeffery Helium Stars, Heavy Metals, High Velocities and Explosions PS1.28

13 Mar 2019

Matthew Kenworthy The hunt for circumplanetary rings around Beta Pictoris b and other exoplanets: the bRing project PS1.28

20 Mar 2019

Catherine Walsh The chemistry of planet-forming disks in the era of ALMA PS1.28

24 Apr 2019


1 May 2019

Steven Parsons Post common envelope binaries: Laboratories for binary and stellar physics PS1.28

8 May2019

Charlotte Angus The Diversity of Superluminous Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey PS1.28

15 May 2019

Rene Breton Spider Binary Pulsars and Extreme Physics PS1.28

22 May2019

Maria Teresa Belmonte Sainz-Ezquerra

What can laboratory spectroscopy do for astronomers? An overview of methods and capabilities.


29 May 2019

Christian Knigge Accreting white dwarfs as universal accretion laboratories PS1.28

5 Jun 2019

Rebecca Nealon Misaligned black hole accretion discs PS1.28

12 Jun 2019

Richard Booth

Dust dynamics and evolution in planet-forming discs

19 Jun 2019 The pursuit of perfect literacy of exoplanet light curves PS1.28

26 Jun 2019

Jincheng Guo RESCHEDULED PS1.28
10 July 2019 Cold planet evaporated by hot white dwarfs.


2017/2018 seminar series
2016/2017 seminar series
12 October 2016 Tiago Campante (University of Birmingham) Asteroseismology of Exoplanet-Host Stars in the TESS Era
26 October 2016 Ed Gillen (Cambridge) Constraining the early stages of binary star evolution
2 November 2016 Michael Burton (Armagh Observatory) Dark Molecular Gas and the Mopra CO Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane - terahertz imaging from Antarctica
9 November 2016 Saida Caballero-Nieves (University of Sheffield) A Binary View of Massive Stars
16 November 2016 Nina Hatch (University of Nottingham) The formation of galaxy clusters
22 November 2016 Dave Tsang (Maryland) Extra seminar: Shedding Light on the Eccentricity Valley: Eccentricity Evolution in Protoplanetary Discs
23 November 2016 Steve Kawaler (Iowa State) Connecting highly evolved stars with their younger selves through space-based asteroseismology
30 November 2016 Soko Matsumura (University of Dundee) Elemental abundances and formation of terrestrial planets
11 January 2017 Nicole Reindl (University of Leicester) The late stages of stellar evolution - exciting, mysterious, and extremely hot
18 January 2017 Subir Sarkar (Oxford) Colloquium: Beyond the cosmological standard model
25 January 2017 Ted von Hippel (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) The Power of Principle Bayesian Methods in the study of Stellar Evolution.
1 February 2017 Andy Bunker (Oxford) Galaxy Evolution in the first billion years with the JWST
8 February 2017 Chris Nixon (University of Leicester) Tidal disruption events: self-gravitating pancakes and binary SMBH
1 March 2017 Melissa Morris (SUNY Cortland) A review and assessment of currenr models of chondrule formation.
22 March 2017 Michal Michalowski (University of Edinburgh) Massive stars formed in atomic hydrogen reservoirs
19 April 2017 Sjoert van Velzen (Johns Hopkins University) New ways to study the tidal disruption of stars by supermassive black holes
25 April 2017 Andrew Shannon (Penn State) Extra seminar: Primordial Planetesimals of the Solar System
26 April 2017 Ian Parry (IoA) Searching for the 763nm Oxygen bio-signature with direct imaging/spectroscopy
3 May 2017 Evan Keane (Jodrell Bank) What are Fast Radio Bursts?
10 May 2017 Giovanna Tinetti (UCL)  
17 May 2017 Kate Pattle (UCLAN) The Energetics of Molecular Clouds and Cores
24 May 2017 Nikku Madhusudhan (IoA Cambridge) Chemical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets
31 May 2017 Daisuke Kawata (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) Impacts of Radial Mixing on the Galactic Thick and Thin Disks and Gaia DR1
5 June 2017 Phil Armitage (Colorado) Extra seminar: Planetary system diversity from early formation dynamics
7 June 2017 Carole Haswell (Open University) The Dispersed Matter Planet Project: Radial Velocity Discoveries of Mass-Losing planets

2015/2016 seminar series
21 Sep 2015 Deanne Coppejans (Radbound University Nijmegen) Do all accreting white dwarfs launch jets?
28 Sept 2015 John Spencer (Southwest Research Institute) The First Close-up Look at the Pluto System
14 Oct 2015 Warwick astro Jamboree  
21 Oct 2015 Pratika Dayal (University of Durham) The first billion years of galaxy formation in cold and warm dark matter cosmologies
28 Oct 2015 Siegfried Eggl (Observatoire de Paris) Bad weather on Tatooine?
4 Nov 2015 Cosimo Inserra (Queen's University Belfast) The brightest explosions in the Universe
11 Nov 2015 Richard Townsend (University of Wisconsin-Madison) MESA & GYRE: Stellar Astrophysics for the People (CANCELLED)
18 Nov 2015 Donald Hoard (MPIA, Heidelberg) White Dwarf Suns: Can Dead Stars Support Life in the Current and Future Universe?
25 Nov 2015 Stephen Lowry (University of Kent) Imaging Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from Rosetta
2 Dec 2015 Sebastian Hoenig (University Southampton) Tori, disks, and winds — the AGN dust emission at high angular resolution
9 Dec 2015 SiYi Xu (ESO Garching) Disintegration of Asteroids Around White Dwarfs
16 Dec 2015 Katherine Blundell (Oxford) Time-resolved spectroscopy from the Global Jet Watch Observatories
13 Jan 2016 David Sobral (Lancaster University) Exploring the distant Universe with the largest emission-line surveys
20 Jan 2016 Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester) Exploring the Extreme Climates of Giant Planets
27 Jan 2016 Duncan Forgan (University of St. Andrews) Worlds Stranger Than We Can Suppose
3 Feb 2016 Ernst de Mooij (Queen's University Belfast) Characterising the atmospheres of exoplanets with ground-based telescopes
10 Feb 2016 Sandra Greiss (Lyst) Life post-Warwick
23 Mar 2016 Yvonne Unruh (Imperial) Solar and stellar photospheric variability
30 Mar 2016 Niall Deacon (University of Hertfordshire) Wide orbit exoplanets and planets in wide binaries
13 Apr 2016 Beth Biller (University of Edinburgh) Detecting and Characterising Planets with Direct Imaging
20 Apr 2016 Sergei Nayakshin (Leicester) Planet formation theories versus observations
27 Apr 2016 Seppo Mattila (FINCA) High angular resolution infrared and radio view of optically dark supernovae in luminous infrared galaxies
4 May 2016 Sasha Hinkley (University of Exeter) Exoplanet Imaging: Recent results, and Future Prospects
11 May 2016 Jorge Casares (IAC) Galactic Black Holes
18 May 2016 Federico Marocco (University of Hertfordshire) Spectroscopic analysis of a large sample of L and T dwarfs.
25 May 2016 Alessandro Ederoclite (CEFCA) Narrow band observations with wide field imagers. A scientific perspective.
3 June 2016 Richard Stancliffe (Bonn) The need for an intermediate neutron capture process
2014/2015 seminar series
15 Oct 2014 ZengHua Zhang (IAC) Towards a comprehensive characterization of L subdwarfs
5 Nov 2014 Nadia Blagorodnova (Cambridge) Gaia: switching on the transient detection machine
12 Nov 2014 Tom Shanks (Durham) Do all quasars have the same Black Hole Mass?
26 Nov 2014 Mark Wyatt (Cambridge) Hot dust around nearby stars
10 Dec 2014 Farzana Meru (Cambdridge) The interactions between planets and their parent disc: the impact on planet survivability and disc structures
21 Jan 2015 Bill Chaplin (Birmingham) Asteroseismology of solar-type stars with Kepler
4 Feb 20145 Jeff Wagg (SKA Telescope) The Road to Phase 1 of the Square Kilometre Array
18 Feb 2015 Nikolay Nikolov (Exeter) Atmospheric characterization of hot-Jupiter exoplanets. Results from HST transmission spectral survey
11 Mar 2015 Nino Cucchiara (NASA Goddard) Tracing the first metals via GRB-DLAs
15 Apr 2015 Matthew Payne (CfA) Unveiling The Structure of the Outer Solar System using Occultations
29 Apr 2015 Jonathan Pritchard (Imperial) Mapping reionization with the SKA
13 May 2015 Neale Gibson (ESO) Probing exoplanet atmospheres: challenges with observations and data analysis
10 Jun 2015 Haley Gomez (Cardiff) An explosive origin for dust
1 Jul 2015 Andrew King (Leicester) From quasars to ULXs: how black holes affect their surroundings


2013/2014 seminar series
2 Oct 2013 Warwick Astronomy Group New group members welcome/ Jamboree
9 Oct 2013

Shri R. Kulkarni (Caltech)

Booms, Burps & Bangs: The Dynamic Universe
16 Oct 2013

Nick Wright (University of Hertfordshire)

The Dynamics of Star Clusters
30 Oct 2013  Justyn Maund (Queen's University Belfast)
The progenitors of core-collapse supernovae (cancelled)
13 Nov 2013 Pierre Maxted (Keele University) Stripped red giant stars in eclipsing binary systems
20 Nov 2013  Justyn Maund (Queen's University Belfast)
The progenitors of core-collapse supernovae
27 Nov 2013

Ignasi Ribas (Institut de Ciencies de l'Espai)

The CARMENES instrument: finding small planets signals amid astrophysical noise
11 Dec 2013 Diego Capozzi (University of Portsmouth) Probing galaxy formation and evolution at different cosmic epochs and in different environments
8 Jan 2014 Andy Young (Bristol University) X-ray echoes from active galaxies
22 Jan 2014 John Barnes
(University of Hertfordshire)
A Radial velocity search for low mass M dwarf planets
5 Feb 2014

Donald Kurtz (University of Central Lancashire)

Asteroseismology: A New Keplerian Revolution
12 Feb 2014

Melvyn Davies (University of Lund)

The dynamics of exo-planet systems
28 Feb 2014

Amy Bonsor & Zoe Leinhardt (University of Bristol)

Is the composition of the Earth skin deep?
2 April 2014

Wyn Evans (Cambridge)

A Ghost Story: The Halo of the Milky Way Galaxy
16 April 2014

Emily Freeland (University of Stockholm)

Intergalactic Gas in Groups of Galaxies: Implications for Dwarf Spheroidal Formation and The Missing Baryons Problem
30 April 2014

Simon Goodwin (Sheffield University)

Is star formation universal?

14 May 2014

Morgan Fraser (Cambridge)

A post-mortem for stars: Core-collapse supernovae and their progenitors

21 May 2014

Robert Izzard (Bonn)

The Origin of the Elements and the Critical Role of Binary Stars
28 May 2014 Phillip Podsiadlowski The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
11 Jun 2014

Mari Cruz Galvez-Ortiz (Centro de Astrobiologia)

Search for Pleiades T dwarfs
6 Aug 2014 Joao Bento (Macquarie University)
The Replicable High-resolution Exoplanets and Asteroseismology (RHEA) spectrograph
2012/2013 seminar series
9 Oct 2012 Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay (Heidelberg University, Germany) 3D model atmospheres of white dwarfs
17 Oct 2012 Rubens Reis (University of Michigan, USA) Putting a spin on black holes
14 Nov 2012 David Levitan (California Institute of Technology, USA) The search for AMCVn systems in the Palomar Transient Factory
21 Nov 2012 Ben Davies (Liverpool John Moores University) The Brightest Stars in the Local Universe
5 Dec 2012 Maurizio Salaris (Liverpool John Moores University) White Dwarf Cosmochronology: theory, tests, (some) applications, uncertainties
9 Jan 2013 Matthew Middleton (University of Amsterdam) Welcome to the feast: confirming Eddington accretion in ultra-luminous X-ray sources
23 Jan 2013 Andrea Miglio (University of Birmingham) Sounding the stars with asteroseismology: new results and challenges in the era of CoRoT and Kepler
6 Feb 2013 Luca Fossati (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany) The magnetic field of planet-hosting stars
27 Feb 2013 Ilya Mandel (University of Birmingham) GWastrophysics of compact binaries
13 Mar 2013 Moira Jardine (St. Andrews) Star spots and flares: living with a delinquent star
24 Apr 2013

Gavin Dalton (University of Oxford)

WEAVE: The next generation wide-field spectroscopy facility for the WHT
8 May 2013

David Sing (University of Exeter)

HST Transiting Hot Jupiter Atmospheric Survey: The Dawn of Comparative Exoplanet Atmospheres
22 May 2013

Richard Ellis (Caltech, USA)

Obesity in the Universe: How Did Early-Type Galaxies Grow in Size?
12 Jun 2013

Christopher Harrison (Durham University)

Searching for observational evidence of AGN suppressing star formation
Mon 17 Jun 2013 Phil Charles (University of Southampton) The Nature of XRF111111: a nova explosion in a Be binary?
19 Jun 2013 Jay Holberg (University of Arizona, USA)

Large Samples and Ground Truth: The 25 Parsec Local White Dwarf Population

10 Jul 2013 Retha Pretorius (University of Southampton) Constraints on the space density of CVs and implications for evolution models
2011/2012 seminar series
12 Oct 2011 New students' welcome (Warwick Astronomy Group)
19 Oct 2011 John Eldridge (IoA, Cambridge) Runaway stars as progenitors of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts
26 Oct 2011 Rob Hynes (Louisiana State University) Variable stars in the Galactic Bulge survey
9 Nov 2011 Sarah Casewell (University of Leicester) Cluster white dwarfs and expanding our knowledge of the IFMR
23 Nov 2011 Steven Parsons (University of Warwick) The X-shooter pipeline
18 Jan 2012 Claudia Maraston (University of Portsmouth) Stellar population modelling and clues to galaxy evolution
29 Feb 2012 Paul Roche (Cardiff University) Linking astronomy research into STEM education
14 Mar 2012 Sabhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial College London) Radius-dependent angular momentum evolution in low-mass stars
25 Apr 2012 Isabelle Baraffe (University of Exeter) Journey to the Centre of an Exoplanet
2 May 2012 Stephen Wilkins (University of Oxford) Exploring the Early Universe with HST/WFC3
9 May 2012 Amy Bonsor (IPAG, Grenoble) Scattering in Planetary Systems
23 May 2012 Dimitri Veras (University of Cambridge) The Great Escape from Dying Binary Stars and White Dwarfs
25 July 2012 Katrien Steenbrugge (Universidad Católica del Norte) Properties of the AGN wind of Mrk 509
2010/2011 seminar series
27 Oct 2010 Kresimir Pavovski (University of Zagreb) Spectral disentangling of close binary stars
10 Nov 2010 Andrea Dieball (University of Southampton) FUV surveys of globular clusters: Exotic stellar population
24 Nov 2010 Mark Sullivan (Oxford University) Supernovae: Explosions and dark energy
8 Dec 2010 Mark Swinbank (University of Durham) Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope
15 Dec 2010 Puji Irawati (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia) Population Synthesis of CVs at the Post-CE stage
19 Jan 2011 Stephen Smartt (Queen's University Belfast) First results from Pan-STARRS - giant supernovae in dwarf galaxies
9 Feb 2011 Mandeep Gill (Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology) Learning about Aspects of Clusters and Cosmology from Weak and Strong Gravitational Lensing Approaches
16 Feb 2010 Paul O'Brien (University of Leicester) The prompt emission and progenitors of Gamma-Ray Bursts
9 Mar 2011 Timothy Davis (Oxford University) Red but not dead! Molecular gas in early-type galaxies
6 Apr 2010 Malcolm Coe (University of Southampton) Accretion physics in the Magellanic Clouds
27 Apr 2011

Chris Conselice (University of Nottingham)

The GOODS NICMOS Survey: Watching Galaxy Formation
15 Ju 2011 Zach Cano (Liverpool John Moores University) The Gamma-Ray Burst - Supernova Connection
22 Jun 2011 Haili Hu (University of Cambridge) Astroseismology
2009/2010 seminar series
4 Nov 2009 Don Kurtz (University of Central Lancashire) Asteroseismology
13 Jan 2010 Joao Bento (Warwick Postgrad) The SuperWASP detector maps: a key towards a higher level of precision
20 Jan 2010 Frederic Pont (University of Exeter) The diversity of extra-solar planets
10 Feb 2010 Tim Roberts (University of Durham) Ultraluminous X-ray sources and the ultraluminous state
17 Feb 2010 Stylianos Pyrzas (Warwick Postgrad) V455 And - the Cataclysmic Variable that really has it all
3 Mar 2010 Danielle Fenech (University College London) The COBRaS e-MERLIN Legacy project: deep radio observations of the Cygnus OB2 association
24 Mar 2010 Steven Parsons (Warwick Postgrad) Period Variations in Eclipsing Post Common Envelope Binaries
26 May 2010 David Pinfield (University of Hertfordshire) Understanding substellar populations using wide-field infrared surveys
16 Jun 2010 Graham Smith (University of Birmingham) The Local Cluster Substructure Survey
2008/2009 seminar series
22 Oct 2008 Jay Farihi (University of Leicester) Minor planet signatures at white dwarfs
19 Nov 2008 Elizabeth Stanway (University of Bristol) Probing galaxy formation at z > 5
3 Dec 2008 Paul Crowther (University of Sheffield) Wolf-Rayet stars as core-collapse supernova and GRB progenitors
10 Dec 2008 Sölen Balman (METU, Turkey) Spectral characteristics of low-mass X-ray binary dippers
14 Jan 2009 James Hough (University of Hertfordshire) High-sensitivity polarimetry: extrasolar planets and Saharan dust
21 Jan 2009 Karl Svensson (Warwick Postgrad) The host galaxies of Gamma-Ray Bursts and Core Collapse Supernovae
28 Jan 2009 Alex Blustin (IoA, Cambridge) Ionised winds in active galactic nuclei: black hole - galaxy feedback in action?
4 Feb 2009 Lieke van Spaandonk (Warwick Postgrad) Ca II spectroscopy of CVs with the same orbital period as GW Lib
11 Feb 2009 Stu Littlefair (University of Sheffield) Time-resolved studies of very low mass stars and brown dwarfs
25 Feb 2009 Richard Hickman (Warwick Postgrad) The boundary layer of Z Cha
4 Mar 2009 Keith Horne (University of St Andrews) Microlens planet searches: a quest for cool Earths
6 May 2009 Barry Smalley (Keele University) Accurate stellar parameters with ASTRA
13 May 2009 Richard Hickman (Warwick Postgrad) Introduction to SQL programming techniques (1)
20 May 2009 Richard Hickman (Warwick Postgrad) Introduction to SQL programming techniques (2)
20 May 2009 Valery Nakariakov (University of Warwick) Quasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares
3 Jun 2009 Richard Hickman (Warwick Postgrad) Introduction to SQL programming techniques (3)
17 Jun 2009 Steven Bloemen (Warwick Postgrad) High-speed spectroscopy of intermediate polars
19 Aug 2009 Ralph Wijers (Astronomical Institute 'Anton Pannekoek', Amsterdam) LOFAR
2007/2008 seminar series
10 Oct 2007 Tom Dwelly (University of Southampton) Starforming galaxies in deep radio surveys
17 Oct 2007 Mark Wilkinson (University of Leicester) Dark matter in Local Group dwarf spheroidal galaxies
31 Oct 2007 Patricia Schady (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) A multi-wavelength analysis of the local environment of GRBs
14 Nov 2007 Christian Knigge (University of Southampton) The evolution of cataclysmic variables
28 Nov 2007 Carole Haswell (Open University) Accretion disc precession
9 Jan 2008 Gijs Nelemans (Radboud University Nijmegen, NL) The progenitors of Type 1a Supernovae
16 Jan 2008 Tim Naylor (University of Exeter) OB Associations in the era of planet formation
30 Jan 2008 Andrew Norton (Open University) Neutron star masses in X-ray binaries
12 Mar 2008 Leslie Hebb (University of St Andrews) Masses and radii of low-mass stars at the bottom of the main sequence
9 Apr 2008 Ed Cackett (University of Michigan, USA) Recent progress on neutron stars
23 Apr 2008 Nial Tanvir (University of Leicester) Gamma-ray bursts as probes of the distance universe
7 May 2008 Nye Evans (Keele University) Dust production in classical novae
14 May 2008 Vik Dhillon (University of Sheffield) ULTRASPEC
4 Jun 2008 Tom Maccarone (University of Southampton) Black holes and neutron stars in globular clusters
2006/2007 seminar series
2 Mar 2006 Peter Kretschmar
(European Space Agency)
An unshrouded view of our lively galactic centre
7 Mar 2006 Gagik Tovmassian (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Detection of precession of white dwarfs in interactive binaries
10 May 2006 Ulrich Kolb (Open University) Population synthesis of binary stars
25 May 2006 Uli Heber (Sternwarte Bamberg, Germany) Hyper-velocity stars
14 Mar 2007 Mat Page (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) Ionised winds and QSO evolution
2 May 2007 Matt Burleigh (University of Leicester) White dwarfs, brown dwarfs and planets:
adventures in the final stages of stellar evolution
16 May 2007 Gavin Ramsay (Armagh Observatory) Ultra-compact binaries
30 May 2007 Pierre Maxted (Keele University) SuperWASP - From fixing leaks to finding planets
15 Jun 2007 Jan-Uwe Ness (Arizona State University, USA) X-ray spectroscopy of classical novae