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Global Network On Sustainability In Space

Global Network On Sustainability In SpaceThe CSDA plays a key role in supporting the Global Network On Sustainability In Space (GNOSIS).

Visit the GNOSIS website to sign up for updates and join us at events!

What is GNOSIS?

The STFC Global Network On Sustainability In Space (GNOSIS) brings together scientists and industry to understand and solve problems related to the ever growing problem of space debris and the challenges of safeguarding spacecraft set to launch into this environment.

GNOSIS organises thematic meetings and “jargon busting” workshops to facilitate discussions aimed at bringing scientists and industry together. It also provides seed funding for joint projects and in more advanced cases, provides part funding for graduate students.

Coming up...

Thursday 20th January 2022 - 13:00 BST

Workshop: Space-based SSA

Registration open via link.

GNOSIS Annual Conference

GNOSIS21 output materials

The GNOSIS21 Conference took place on 8th-9th September 2021, featuring talks and panel discussions from a wide variety of experts in the field of space domain awareness. Follow the link to give feedback and/or access the recordings from the event.

GNOSIS Annual Conference

Full calendar available on the GNOSIS website.

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