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Jobs & Fellowships

Job opportunities at Warwick:

Research Fellow (107458-0523)

The Department of Physics seeks to appoint several Prize Research Fellows in our second cycle of the Warwick Prize Fellowships to work within the Astronomy & Astrophysics Group at the University of Warwick. The initial appointment is for three years but may be extended by two additional years in case of exceptional performance. Successful applicants will establish their own research program that overlaps with one or several of the research interests of the group. Key research areas at Warwick are exoplanets and discs, white dwarfs, compact binaries and accretion physics, extragalactic transients, gravitational wave astrophysics, and space domain awareness. Funding for travel and IT equipment is available, as well as access to high performance computing.

You will have a successful track record in leading astrophysical research projects, be an enthusiastic communicator capable of working effectively both independently and as part of a research team, and will have excellent interpersonal skills. You will possess good planning and time management skills to ensure your research goals are achieved effectively.

An application form must be completed if you wish to be considered for this post. Applicants should also submit a CV including a full publication list, and a research proposal (maximum three pages).

The research proposal should be written in an anonymous style (for an introduction to anonymous proposal writing, see the NRCC and NASA guidelines), focusing on the science. You should specifically address how your proposed research links to the interests of the Astronomy & Astrophysics Group, and how you will contribute to enhancing the group’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

You will be asked to give names of three references. The quality of the anonymous research proposal will primarily be what the panel will assess.

Deadline: 30th June 2023
Interview Date: TBC

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Externally funded fellowships and early career grant opportunities:

We welcome applications for any of the below opportunities, please discuss your plans with a member of astronomy staff by the deadlines given below. Please note that the deadline for getting in touch with us (and submitting the material outlined for each fellowship below) are usually well before the submission deadline to the funder (which are also listed, TBD means the exact date is not yet known) as we have some administrative tasks that need completing before submission.

  • STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship
    5-year fellowship to enable early career researchers with clear leadership potential to establish a strong, independent research programme. Contact deadline: August 2023 (TBD), please provide a CV, a 2-3 page draft proposal and at least one and preferably two letters of reference. Submission deadline: 21 September 2023.
  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship
    5-year fellowship for those between 3 and 8 years of obtaining their PhD. Contact deadline: August 2023 (TBD), please provide a CV, a 2-3 page draft proposal and at least one and preferably two letters of reference. Submission deadline: September 2023 (TBD).
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Research Fellowship Programme
    12-36 months fellowship for those in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience. Contact deadline: August 2023 (TBD), please provide a CV, a 2-3 page draft proposal. Please note that this scheme focuses heavily on career development, hence the scientific part of the proposal is only one of several aspects that will be evaluated, hence an early discussion with a member of staff is encouraged. Submission deadline: 13 September 2023.
  • ERC Starting Grant
    5-year fellowship for early career scientists (2-7 years of research experience since completion of PhD) who have a proven scientific track record to enable them to work independently. Contact deadline: September 2023 (TBD), please provide a CV and a 5-page draft proposal. Please note that this proposal requires the submission of two separate documents, and is overall rather work-intensive, hence an early discussion with a member of staff is encouraged. Submission deadline: October 2023 (TBD).
  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship
    5-year fellowship for those with no more than six years of actual research experience since their PhD (not including career breaks), and who have a current need for flexible support, such as parental/caring responsibilities, e.g. raising children or looking after ageing or seriously ill family members; or clinically diagnosed health issues. Contact deadline: September 2023 (TBD). Submission deadline: November 2023 (TBD).
  • UK Research & Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship
    Up to seven years of funding available on a 4+3 model, with a review in year four. The fellowship aims to enable researchers to transition to or establish their research/innovation independence. This scheme operates a two-stage process. Contact deadline: passed. Submission deadline: 4 July 2023
  • Royal Astronomical Society Research and Norman Lockyer Fellowships
    Three year postdoctoral fellowship for early career scientists with less than five years of completing their PhD. Contact deadline: TBD, please provide a CV, a 2-3 page draft proposal. Submission deadline: 2024
  • Daphne Jackson Fellowship
    Fellowship for those having taken a career break of at least two years’ duration, taken for family, health or caring reasons. Fellowships are flexible and part-time, usually completed over two years at 0.5 FTE (apply at any time)
  • 1851 Fellowship
    3 year fellowship for those with less than 3 years postdoctoral research experience. Contact deadline: December 2023 (TBD). Submission deadline: Januart 2024 (TBD).
  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship
    3 year early career fellowship offering 50% match-funding for those with a proven record of research. Contact deadline: January 2023 (TBD). Submission deadline: February 2024 (TBD).
  • Newton International Fellowship
    2 year early career fellowship for international applicants. Contact deadline: TBD. Submission deadline: March 2024 (TBD).
  • Hawking Fellowship
    4 year fellowships that aim to support excellent researchers who will make significant contributions to the field of theoretical physics and continue to spark public interest in the field. Contact deadline: July 2023. Submission deadline: September 28 2023.

  • L'Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship
    12 month fellowship with a value of £15,000

Past opportunities

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